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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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ATMs in Greece, should I get Euros before our trip or at the airport etc.
cheri 16
ATM transactions
Alan 11
A Treat for Bay Area Locals
Lola 10
Avoid - not passing on hotel cancellation fee waiver due to Coronavirus
AussieNomad 20
Back up Credit card?
Nancy 34
Bank accounts for non resident aliens in Spain
Chago 3
Bank of America Travel Credit Card
Swan 13
Banks and Fees
jmlyon5 18
Banks to use in Italy to avoid dynamic currency conversion
Twin Mom 4701 24
Barcelona, Spain Arrival Complimentary Ride on RODALIES
ourtern 1
Best Combination of Museum and Transit passes in Paris and Rome?
ammas07 6
Best cost for flight to Germany
nleshelman 21
Best deal on your Shutterfly photo books isn't 50% off!
Ruth 6
"Best of Europe" book by Rick Steves
RobBC 2
Best option for chip and PIN Mastercard
beth.chaplin 9
Best Recognized Credit Card for use in Scandinavia
Debbie 11
Best time to book tickets for May/June travel to Greece
donitaofoldfield 6
Best time to buy for the spring?
Ashley 9
Best Tourist Pass for a Trip to Amsterdam??
Noella 5
Best travel credit card (or credit card in general)?
bkoss 39
best US bank to use that is great for overseas in Europe
maryannrx 10
best way to convert cash dollars to euros?
Packy 30
Best way to exchange leftover Euros to Dollars
Italywalker 12
Be sure you know the on-line fare before calling an airline
philipm 12
Beware Bank of America ATM Global Alliance!
Al 14
Beware Bank of America "no fees"
Charles 9
BNP Paribas in Germany
nretzlaff 5
Booking Hotels + Airfare through Expedia - worth it?
Mike 10
Bring Euros or use the ATM? The math seems to say bring them.
gulfside 47
British Rail Pass savings
tootiekester 19
BritRail Pass Flexipass vs. Continuous pass
shawnb307 7
Budget Air fare promotions no more ?
stmalaysia 1
Budget for a Month in Europe
bguay 14
Budget for a Week in London?
Gabby 4
Budget stay in Rome
juan 1
Bus #27 Madrid
Wendy 1
Buyer Beware! Chase Sapphire - 18% DAILY interest rate upon withdrawing euros
themusteach 25
Buying Miles with United Mileage Plus
Alexandra 10
carloopatricio 17
Canadian chase/amazon credit card
Martine 3
Canadian Debit Cards
Diane 15
Canadian "no fee"Tangerine Bank experiences?
Sherry 4
*Canadian* Travel insurance for (potentially) 1 year in Europe
jessieM 15
Canceling Due to Imminent Death: Travel Insurance Limbo.
jen 14
Can I pay in local currency for flights?
ericalynn012 17
Can I Purchase Secondary Travel Medical Insurance Only without a Primary Policy
dean.allmark 10
Capital One ATM cards
Dutch 25
Capital One chip card- No need to preauthorize for trip?
Nancy 24
Capital One Debit Card
Karen 5
Capital One issues chip & signature cards
Sarah 30