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"Best of Europe" book by Rick Steves

I estimate that this book saved me $10,000 for our family vacation in four european countries in 2007. The information in this book also made the trip outstanding! It takes a long lead time to plan and book prior to the vacation for that value you seek. Here is an example. An old friend visits Italy every year for one month where he meets his relatives and then travels from there. He said to get the "Best of Europe" book because it is always bang on. When I mentioned to the same friend that we will travel to Venice he responded that it will be a huge saving to sleep in the neighboring city of Mestre. Rick's book suggests to spend the night in Venice to really experience the city, and many hotels are recommended in the book. The book was bang on. Being there before and after the tourists return to their ships is the true way to experience Venice.


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As you have found, Rob, value is not always found in saving the last penny.

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My wife and I stayed in Mestre because we were on a tight budget by the end of our trip, and we still regret it. We can't wait to go back to fall asleep and wake up in Venice itself.