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ATM's at CVG (Cincinatti) airport

Are there ATM's at CVG that dispense Euro's?

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I doubt you will find any ATM in the U.S. that dispenses euros. Or, for that matter, any ATMs in Europe which dispense dollars.

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If there is a travelex ATM at CVG it will dispense Euros... at an UNBELIVEABLY poor exchange rate.

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That bad rate will probably in the range of 10%. Actually for the convenience it is probably worth $10 to have hundred euro in your pocket. If it is you only choice, ten bucks is not going to kill you.

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The bank noted above is open 730AM-530PM

If you want some Euros with you before arrival in EU, and your flight is outside the airport bank hours, getting them from your bank may be the simplest. Most on the forum suggest, just using an ATM when you get to your destination to get cash.