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Are some airports cheaper than others?

I am in the preliminary planning stage for a June or September trip to Germany. Would it be the same price to fly in/out or Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg? Would one airport be cheaper by virtue of volume, subsidy, tourist load?

I assume any big airport should be the same as any other. True or false?

I would fly out of a Washington, DC airport.


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Different airports have different fees for one thing. For example - the taxes and fees to fly into Heathrow in London is a few dollars.. To fly out of Heathrow it's a couple of hundred dollars. Sometimes larger airports are more economical and sometimes smaller airports are. You just have to try every option and see what works the best for you.

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Keep something else in mind. Say, for example, you wanted to focus your trip on southern Germany. Saving a few hundred dollars on a flight into Berlin or Hamburg probably might not be worth the money because you would still need to shell out a considerable amount of money (and valuable vacation time) to transit to your preferred destinations.

Of the airports you mentioned, Frankfurt is by far the busiest. But I haven't noticed any consistent or noticable cost difference.

Several posters reported saving quite a bit of money by flying into Düsseldorf on one specific airline, but I forget which one.

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Some airports are cheaper than others to fly into/out of.
Why don't you sign into and checkout European flight fares non-stop out of Dulles Airport to:
Flights to any other German cities will go through another European gateway cities first.

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I haven't flown DC-Germany, but in general certain airports are cheaper than others. It can depend on the airline, the time of year, the specific route, fees, etc. If price is a major concern, I'd try all sorts of of combos of DC (Dulles, Reagan, and BWI if it's feasible) to any German city on your itinerary. Also, I bet September is cheaper than June.

I like for this, but I'm sure there are other sites.

Not Germany related, but a few weird flight pricing anecdotes:

-I'm going to Spain in late March. Flying on March 27 (Thursday) was several hundred dollars cheaper than flying on April 3 (also a Thursday). Apparently, the seasonal pricing changes hit April 1, and by leaving a week earlier I save a ton.

-I used to live in Buffalo. Flying Buffalo to London was always $300 more than Toronto (2 hours away). This one makes some sense (big airport vs smaller), but Toronto seems to be cheaper than other big airports to London.


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There are so many elements that go into the price of a ticket (carrier, taxes, future fuel cost, fees, load guess (pax and cargo), weather guess, etc) that you can't possibly anticipate which one will have the best price of a given set of dates. It's all computer-driven, there's not a little man in a broom closet that sets prices. All you can do is keep checking. Beware of the faux economy of flying into an inconvenient spot because of a lower price when you have to spend time and money to get to your ultimate destination/area.

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It is not the airport so much as the competition that is flying there.

Flying out of IAD, there are non-stop flights to both Munich and Frankfurt on Lufthansa and United. There are no non-stop flights to Berlin or Hamburg. I generally choose a non-stop flight whenever possible.

Usually the cheapest transatlantic flights out of IAD are on Icelandair and I've also seen a lot of cheap flights on Turkish (with terribly long layovers in Istanbul).

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Like Ed says, I try every option, create an email alert for all of them, watch them for at least a few weeks, then buy my ticket either when a great deal comes up or when I've seen enough to know a decent deal and book that.

I try to book direct flights before they sell out because the added convenience of no connection stops is a big plus for me - worth at least a few extra dollars.