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Partial Tentative Itinerary # 3-Pyrenees To the West Jerry 3
Connemara Suggestions on B&B/Lodging and Bike Riding/Activities - 3 days To the North Rachel 2
Phones Italy linda 11
5 hour and 20 minute Saturday layover at London Heathrow Transportation Steve 6
A4 Paper for Prepurchased/printed German rail ticket? Transportation Kristin 2
Has anyone been to Avezzano? Italy Deanna 1
Ship Wedding Dress Italy Deanna 6
Accomodations in Lyon To the West Holly 3
U.S. Travel agencies familiar with Turkey To the East Flora 1
Where to stay in Istanbul? To the East Flora 9
Change of planes in Dublin - have to collect luggage? Transportation Suzanne 4
Van rentals in Bayeux To the West Marilyn 4
Amsterdam - Short Layover To the West Michelle 4
Romantic dinner in Rome Italy Wayne 2
Women traveling alone to Turkey??? To the East Brooke 2
Paris over Easter To the West Lucy 3
Partial Tentative Itinerary: To the West Jerry 5
New Backpacker Transportation Daniel 3
charging a camera General Europe Mily 10
new itinerary... Help :) Italy shawn 6
Hotels and Motorcycle Rentals near Bilbao To the West Janet 0
Appian way,catacomb, after colosseum/forum?? To the East melissa 2
Sevilla to Lisbon-October Transportation George 1
Prague/Slovenia/Croatia Travel Itinerary Help To the East Jennifer 4
Getting from Ljubljana to Croatia's Istrian coast (Rovinj) To the East Jennifer 6
Alitalia Baggage Question/Concern Italy Gus 3
LUGGAGE HELP! General Europe Mily 26
krakow hostels or guest rooms To the East mike 6
Estimated Time to Climb Up and Back Down Giotto's Tower in Florence Italy Ben 7
After Coffee Houses in Amsterdam General Europe Frank II 6
Dress to a musical event Italy Pat 4
B&B Miramonte in Bologna Italy Jane 0
Central Hotel,Dublin To the North Jan 1
Train Reservations??? Transportation Mike 4
visit ti switzerland To the West prabhat 2
Best GPS for Italy, Ireland, Austria? Transportation Chris 8
toulouse/ carcassonne Transportation kathleen 0
Scooters in Siena Italy Sarah 4
Tour of Stonehenge To the North Corrin 7
Sceptre Tours General Europe Susan 1
Bern to Barcelona... To the West Daniel 0
Ascension Thursday in Zurich/ Salzburg To the West Mala 0
Tour of Stonehenge To the West Corrin 2
Ljubljana to Dubrovnik... To the East Daniel 5
favorite place to stay in Siena?? Italy shawn 6
Central Italy Itinerary Assistance Italy Debra 4
AMSTERDAM OR BRUGGE To the North Ross 11
Partial Tentative Itinerary Cont'd # 2 To the West Jerry 2
Flying Barcelona to Santorini?? To the East Jenny 1
Rome in 2 days- what not to miss Italy roshanak 11