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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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Feels like 2019
Laurel 21
Fell in love with the Scottish Highlands & Skye
travelk 11
Female, 4 weeks backpacking in Europe solo - AMAZING itinerary
ohbsan 2
Fexco Horizon Taxfree Card Ripoff
wfrone 6
Fexco Horizon Taxfree Card Ripoff
wfrone 10
Finally, A Trip Report for our second week in the UK: London!
maryellenhowen 42
Finally - Best Tour of Rome in a Day
shack6 2
Finally saw Edinburgh the right way - I hired a guide
bobtrabucchi 8
Finally!! Trip Report 8/31-9/28/22 London, Paris, RS tour, Venice
horsewoofie 37
Final Trip Report- Norway/Arctic Circle Cruise.
Carol now... 9
Finding Our Own Back Doors of the "Home Base" kind...
Cal 23
Fine. I Stayed Overnight in Rothenberg OdT. Are Y'all Happy Now?
Sarah 18
Finished One of out of two tours with my new knee
kim 24
Finland- Helsinki and Porvoo
Tom 11
Firenze Finally
Sue 2
First Europe Trip March-April 2010
Brendon 5
First Europe Trip With Children - Great Britain, 2007
Randy 14
First post-pandemic getaway - Imperia, Liguria
Nelly 7
First solo trip report: Italy and Ireland
highlanderct 22
First solo trip to Italy
Michele 7
First time going to Europe - Seeking Advice in a couple of areas
PJC 16
First time in London
Joe 5
First time in Paris - trip report
Tamara 13
First time in Venice
vlbeecroft 1
First time Italy traveler-Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast
Cynthia 5
First timer RS BOE 14 days -Observations 5/2022 #1
LuluBelle 19
First Timers in Italy and Germany - 10/28/17 - 11/7/17
canderson1027 16
First time traveling Europe alone and could use tips!
t.vu1986 15
First Time Using a Private Local Guide and I’m Hooked!
a1angyl 14
First trip to Europe
bogerjake 19
First Trip to Europe 2014
Raymond 7
First trip to Europe here is what I learned
Gretchen 8
First Trip to Europe Part 1- Iceland
kbachtell 6
First Trip to Europe Part 2- Paris
kbachtell 7
First Trip to Europe Part 3- Bayeux
kbachtell 9
First Trip to Europe Part 4 - the Somme and train travel
kbachtell 3
First Trip to Europe Part 5- Arnhem, Netherlands
kbachtell 0
First Trip to Europe Part 6- Haarlem, Netherlands
kbachtell 12
First trip to Europe? Try Switzerland!
jjarvis 15
First Trip to France (and not the last!)
oldlitluv 3
First Trip to Italy & loved it!
Nancy 2
First Trip to Italy...not in Love
Patricia 77
First trip to London (10 days)
david.englund 12
First Trip to Paris and Normandy
david.burlingame 2
First Trip to Paris with pre-teenish children
dfos 5
First Trip to South America
Chuck 6
Five Days in Bath
Dav 27
Five days in Bristol
Dav 17
Five days with nothing to do!
Sara 10
Five Weeks in France: Sept-Oct 2012 continued. #2 Post
Patricia 3