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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Which online service to use for airfare refund using EU law?
Erica 12
Which phone (Verizon iPhone 5, AT&T iPhone 4) for US T-Mobile SIM?
Stephen 6
Which SIM card would you recommend...
S J 4
Which tablet
Charles 21
Who has experience with buying European (specifically France) cell/data packages?
JoAnne 8
WiFi Access in London
jerryhelms 4
Wifi and email on Tracfone smartphone
Sempre Italia 6
Wifi assist ate our data
Denny 11
Wifi calling in Europe with my USA phone
Will 5
WiFi calling may not be free
goanywhere 11
Wifi calling using a mobile wifi device
Paul 13
WiFi GPS with an Ipod Touch
Michael... 3
Wi-Fi in European hotels
Debbie 9
Wi -Fi in Greece really safe?
monica 11
Wifi in the sky
phred 14
WiFi On American Airlines International Flights
ctsuhako 11
Wifi only phone plan from Republic Wireless works great in Europe!
Claire89 2
vandrabrud 13
WiFi v.s. Data Sim card?
Richard 16
WikiHow: Travel with an iPad
bogiesan 0
Will I be able to watch RSE elsewhere once it's off of Hulu in 10 days?
erikwt78 12
Will I need a converter for this?
colmcb 11
will my electrical appliance work in Italy, France and Spain?
ksb1949 14
Will my Samsung quick charger charge as quickly in Italy?
Jeanine 4
Will Orange SIM work in Switzerland?
Brenda 1
Will TMobile LG B450 flip phone work well in France and Italy?
Valerie 9
WIND Mobile Cell Service
Work2Travel 5
Windows 10 help
Frank II 9
Windows 10 on Netbook from 2010
funpig 6
Wireless earbuds
karengoebl74 2
Wireless Headset and Wifi For Tours Rick Steves 14 Day Spain Tour?
lorey234 12
Wireless or wired?
zinq57 1
Worldifi Pass
chrischiappazzo 3
World Lens-Translation App
Michael... 4
Would this phone work and what SIM card to get?
LF 9
Would you use Firefox Focus (new private browser) for your Android overseas?
Shelley 4
Wow, don't take people's pics without consent in the EU
tgreen 20
Yet another DSLR vs. mirrorless question
DebVT 23
Y Jack using Bluetooth
Tom 0
Your newest and/or favorite travel app?
Val 6
Your travel route and Google Android "location history"
rab 2
You so need a phone
phred 24
YouTube question for the techies
advocatecare 5
Frank II 2