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Share you favorite YouTube channels

We recently had a thread with a long list of channels, but it's since been deleted. I thought we could start a new one as I know some of us really enjoy watching travel videos. I mostly seem to have non-talking walking channels on my list. I wouldn't mind finding some more that are informational, but I haven't found many that I can tolerate. Leaving Dennis Callan and Wolter's World off the list, as most everyone knows about them :)

Janica´s Journey (mostly The Netherlands, but also other European cities)

Honest Guide (Prague and Czech Republic)

VioletVik (walking tours)

The Abundant Traveler

4K Explorer (UK)

ProWalk Tours

Wanna Walk

Amazing Places on Our Planet

Watched Walker

Living Walks

Wanderlust Travel Videos

Around The World 4K


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I really like Spain Revealed - a Youtube channel run by an extremely likable couple based in Madrid. Much of their content is food focused but they also do some city guides and general Spanish culture videos.

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I'm adding all these to my subscriptions! I need some new treadmill material.

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Thanks, roubrat, for starting this thread. I have subscribed to Wolter's World and Honest Guide for several years, but for some reason had never heard of Dennis Callan. Another channel I might suggest is Means To Travel . A lot of their videos are about their UK travels even though the married couple lives near Chicago.

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Thanks, slws2137. I notice they did a collaboration with Wolter's World.

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Like...young and overly enthusiastic? I know what you mean. That's why I mostly prefer the walking channels with little to no talking. Not everyone is the next travel show host lol

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For those wanting to see Scotland’s Highland scenery at its brilliant scenic best I would point you at ‘Scotland’s Mountains’. Beautifully shot and hosted by the cheerful but relaxed Murray, these hikes take you to where many average day hikers would never get as they are ambitious in their scope and location but equally he covers the more popular areas as well. I particularly enjoy the snowy winter ones, but they are uniformly excellent.