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Sending Group Emails from IOS or Android Device

Before leaving for Europe the last few times, I spent time setting up an Email Group for my Gmail account on my Windows laptop to simplify communicating with family and friends. I assumed the Group would transfer to the Apps on my IOS and Android devices, but that was not the case. Any tips for a program that would work?

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if the messages are short(ish) and you need to reach people in both iOS and Android systems then consider adding the app GroupMe to your smartphone, which allows you to set up groups whose members include email addresses and phone numbers.
If you establish your own GroupMe id using an email address rather than a phone number, you can send text messages to the whole group without paying texting charges. (Data charges may still apply)

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Thank you, I looked at the App. However, I am dealing with an older group, many of whom do not text. I really need an Email program.

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Send an email to the group and include your own e-mail address. Once you receive the e-mail, you should be able to "reply all" and send it to the group.