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Sim card

I use pure talk here at home and really like it and the price. I have used local sims in Europe with mixed success. We will be in quite a few countries this trip so I am considering using T-Mobile. My question is can I use it for a couple of months and then cancel? I'm looking more for was use rather than a bargain. Thanks.

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Yes, you may cancel at any time since there is no contract. Any time I go to more than one country, I always have used T-Mobile and have been satisfied with the service. Going from one country to another is seamless. As soon as you cross a frontier, you're on a local carrier and get a T-Mobile welcome message. They promise at least 2G service. On my last trip to Spain, France, Italy in October I had 2G about 10% of the time, 4LTE about 25% and 3G for the balance and, unless I was in a very remote area, I always had service. I don't use the phone for streaming so usually I found no problems with speed. It might cost a little bit more to use their service rather than buying local SIM cards but avoiding the hassle of buying them locally and initiating service is worth the couple of extra bucks.

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I've used T-Mobile form Iceland to Israel and points in between.

As Philip stated, service is usually very good (except some remote areas), and data speeds vary (doubtful you'll get streaming speeds most of the time but enough to use for checking email, maps etc.)

No contracts so you can come and go as you please. There is a small charge for T-Mobile's sim card.

It's much easier than switching sim cards all the time. The phone will switch by itself when entering a new country although occassionally you will have to turn the phone on and off. Not a big deal.

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Do you suppose this will be true of the T-Mobile mobile hotspot service, too?
It sounds strange, but I'm thinking of trying a laptop and a mobile hotspot
and not carrying a smartphone.