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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Have ANY of you had to get your Carry On measured at the airport?
Evan 23
I just posted a clothesline review on Youtube
Evan 1
Air France Personal Item Suggestions
europe11 9
Packing corkscrew - are corks still used in France and Spain?
Ethel 26
Civita Shoulder bag Vs Civita/Ravenna Day Pack
Estella 3
Storage on tour bus?
esgwat 15
Two people, two months, one carry-on backpack - what we packed (with links)
Erin E. 14
Thoughts on This Camera Backpack
ErikaMaria717 6
Luggage locks...are they needed?
erickw00ds 18
Osprey Porter 46 as carry on
erickw00ds 8
Traveler’s Choice luggage
Erica 24
PJs, mascara and chapstick
erectoch3 40
Duffel bag to check in?
erectoch3 11
TSA sharp items
epltd 18
Hair dryer or not
epltd 14
Customized windbreaker liner
epltd 2
Laundry detergent within TSA limit
epltd 34
Ideal travel bra
epltd 21
Questions about insurance
emtycrystal44 4
emsharp 23
packing the Aeronaut 45
emg823 8
Merino shirt for pear shaped body
emg823 3
The Foldie
emg823 1
What items did you pack and not use
emd9930 93
Osprey Porter 46
emarshall 9
RS Convertible carry on and easyjet regulations
ellestark 5
For Ladies Who Pack Leggings
Ellen 16
Considering a different approach on leaving clothes behind when you return home.
Elizabeth 22
rain boots for April in Central Europe?
Elizabeth 10
Packing light challenge
Eleanor 30
Packing for 7 month summer, winter and skiing trip
elainebeale 14
Something to aspire to.....
Elaine 35
Luggage lighter than RS bag
Elaine 17
Rick's packing list
EJ 5
Where to keep passport once at destination
Egram Thunk 29
Lightweight dress
edgefield 16
Packable 'straw' hat?
edgefield 32
Wool t-shirt recommendations for women?
edgefield 18
Best of Rome in early May: what to wear , what not to wear for men and women?
edgefield 22
Skirt in Rome?
edgefield 5
Budget Airlines and Packing
Ed 8
Shipping luggage home from Italy
ed 8
Travel hair dryer
eapbmp 9
Money Belts versus Around the neck security pouches
dzuiker1 18
Packing warmer>tips England including Lundy Island
dwsbls73 15
Mixed trip packing
dunraven 8
dublin1285 10
Packing light for women - Big city AND hiking
ds 12
Compression socks for 11 hour flight
drthetford1 23
What size luggage
drthetford1 36