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Luggage questions: Personal item size and using Rick's rolling back pack

Hi, all!

We bought Rick Steve's Rolling Backpacks. Has anyone attempted to add hip and/or sternum straps to their rolling backpack and what were the results?

Also, we will fly Iceland Air and RyanAir. I found maximum allowable measurements for the "personal item" (in inches) of 13.75 x 7.8 x 7.8. Has anyone ever really had the personal item measured? I can find good bags that come in under that total size, but all have one number bigger and another smaller (like 15 x 5.5 x 7).

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Ryan Air is death on their measurements. They pick up a substantial portion of their income from last minute bag checks. They have a high incentive to catch over size bags. In Europe - more so than the US - bags are frequently checked for size. I have stood in a couple of Lufthansa lines where every carry on went into the dreaded sizing box. Most failed. Same for Delta in Prague. Totally dependent on the mood of the check in people. Weight can also be an issue but, in our experience, less so.

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A small size difference, such as 15 vs 13.75 inches, will likely fit a sizing box/frame if it's "squashable". Don't overstuff and you will likely be OK for cost bags. Rigid roller bagscan be a different story if the oversized dimension is rigid.