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How to place packing cubes in Rick's convertible carry on

How do others place Rick's packing cubes in their backpack style bags? Do you put the big cube at the bottom and the 2 smaller ones on top or vise versa? Or does it depend on the weight of the cubes?

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Generally my large cube is heavier, so I put that one on the bottom.

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I bought two sets, so I could use 4 "small" cubes. I found the large one way too large for the amount of stuff I want to pack! His cubes are very deep, so even the small ones have a pretty large capacity.

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There really isn't any magical or correct order to pack the cubes. I generally pack in the order that I want access. If I am going to frequently access one of the cubes, then it goes on top. If it has only soft clothes like underwear it may get wedged into a corner. We tend to use smaller cubes and arrange in the best order to use the space.