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Taking vitamins

I take B-complex, B12 and vitamin C daily. I’ll be gone for 2 weeks in Slovenia. Can I put them in a zip-lock bag without issues?

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I've been handling it that way for years and many, many trips and have never had an issue, including flying into Slovenia.

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This past spring we bought tiny plastic bags on Amazon for morning and evening medicine, they have a place for date and time. We made them up before traveling and threw the bag away when it was empty. It worked fine for a three week trip.

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Ziplocks are fine. I also suggest you protect them from sun and heat. Happy travels!

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We put our vitamins in zip locks bags. but we also peel the labels off the bottles and place them on the baggies. If the labels can't be removed from the bottle, just cut the labeling part off the box and tape it to the baggie. If the viamins are prescription, you can have the pharmacy print extra labels, and you can also take the data sheets that come them. If the vitamins are not prescription, there'll not be a data sheet, but there should be some paper work in the box to indicate what it is that can be taken with you. The paperwork takes up very, very little space. Some will say it's overkill, but it's always worked for us. Be sure they are kept in your personal bag in case your other bag gets gate checked.

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I've never had my vitamins (dumped into a ziplock bag) questioned when traveling to/from Europe, including Slovenia.

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I have a supplement that is in a capsule. I put them in an Altoids container to avoid crushing.

I put pills, prescription with labels from my pharmacist, and OTC meds in ziplocks with those little moisture bead packets that come with various products like medications, suitcases, shoes, purses, etc. In fact, I save those things in a jar, they've saved phones, cameras, and more.