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Packing lists Q

As I browse experienced traveler's packing lists: does the list include the clothes you are wearing?

So, the PACKING list says: pair of shoes. So, I bring TWO pairs? One in the suitcase and one on my feet?

Perhaps a silly question, but I have to ask.


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Yes, if your packing list says 6 shirts that includes the one you wear so pack 5; 2pr shoes includes the one you wear, so pack the lighter one; and so on…

Write out your own packing list because we all have our own styles and needs/wants. Weigh everything! You will change your list multiple times as your work to get combinations, weigh and end the suitcase bulges. You are packing carry on only? If not, be sure you can lift and carry everything.

We all love packing lists and ideas so if you need help, just ask. I should add that my packing list includes EVERYTHING I’m taking. I make a trip specific packing list from my more generic master list. I also make a packing schematic so everything fits in my rolling carry-on and personal item tote within my self-imposed weight limit and the airline’s carry-on size restrictions.

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We always have a pair of shoes in the bag in addition to the ones on our feet. Many others do not -- and that's ok if that's what they want to do. But, there are times when rainy weather dictates a change. Then too, sometimes the shoes just get "tired" and need a restful airing out. Our packing list does include the clothes we have on as we leave home, as they will go into the regular rotation of what we wear when abroad.

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I actually make a note on my list of what I am wearing on the plane. So for example, if my list says "Cardigans - 2" I will have a note "one on plane." I also note what I have packed in my personal item (currently a small-ish Adidas backpack), since I always have a shirt, pair of underpants and a pair of socks in a ziploc in there. Although, honestly, sometimes I forget to mark it and it's a nice surprise to pull the bag out and have "extras!"

I usually wear the heavier pair of shoes and pack the lighter pair, but always have at least 2 pairs total.

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Dutch, I think you can never know for sure if people don't specify, as there is no hard rule or enforcement thereof. So no harm in asking.

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I agree with the others and 2nd Horsewoofie's suggestion to do your own packing list after weighing everything if you are trying to keep your suitcase weight down.

I start with my "In Transit" outfit (tee, jeans, LS layer, shoes) and then just put something like "3 tees" on my packing list because I've got one already listed under In transit. BTW, the amounts of clothing might be more than you really need or might not be enough, based on where you are going and when!

Agree also this is NOT a silly question and most forum members LOVE to talk packing, lol!!

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Wear one, pack two changes is our approach. However, only one pair of shoes. I have shoes (ECCO) that have removal innersoles. I switch innersoles daily to keep the shoes dry.

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When I'm making my own list just for myself, I don't include what I'll be wearing. But when I post a trip report, I'll say something like "What I took, including what I wore on the plane..."

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Yeah, my packing list if for my use, I can arrange it however I want. If I want to include everything I take with me, including what I wear, that's my prerogative. On the other hand, if I want it to be just what I pack, not what I wear, that , too, is my prerogative. Of course, if I share it with others, I have to specify how it is arranged.

But what I normally do is have one category on the list for what I pack, and another for what I take with me, on by body. I include in my wear list, my jacket, a lightweight one in the summer, or a down parka in the winter. The "wear" list also includes my neck pouch with my passport, credit cards, cash, etc. If I take a small German/English dictionary in my jacket pocket, that is included on the list too.

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Hi, I have every item listed including everything I will be wearing on the plane. Since I have columns in my spreadsheet that show exactly where items go when I pack, there’s a section at the top that is “On the Plane”. It lists the specific shirt, the pants, the raincoat, the Keen sandals, underwear, etc. I place my travel day items on our guest bed & shoes on the floor. That helps me have them clean & ready.

I found out why this is important when I went on a domestic trip and forgot to wear a watch. I’m retired now, so a watch isn’t a daily “don’t need to think about it” item.

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As a guy since my clothes and shoes are much bulkier I just stick to two pairs: its pack one, wear one.
Wear the heavier/bulkier pair on your flight.

The ladies that I've traveled with will bring three pairs of footwear: wear one, packed two. They usually wear their bulkiest shoes on the flight, while packing their heels/flats/trainers/sandals in their baggage.

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My list has 3 separate sections--what I'm wearing on the plane, what's going in the under-the-seat bag, and what's going in the main bag (whether carry-on or checked). If I'm going on a long trip overseas, I also have a separate list for my toiletries/medications so I can note everything I might need over the course of month when I might not find a store that carries what I use. (I have allergies, so I need to be careful about what I put on my skin.) I separate that one into what goes into the 3-1-1 bag, and what can just go into my toiletries bag. But I agree with the others--your packing list needs to be your own and arranged in a way that makes sense to you.