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Daypack Alteration: I Did It and It Worked!

I posted way back last summer about altering a daypack so it would have a diagonal zipper across the back, the part that lays on your back. I have a smaller leather pack that has this feature and I love it.

It worked really well, but I honestly never felt I was in danger of being robbed (England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, 6 weeks, last September and October). The Eagle Creek daypack held up OK, after I sewed up one of the straps that was coming apart at the seam across the top.

I hope this helps someone, or can push manufacturers to use this design.

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That's the big problem- you won't feel any danger in being robbed. You'll just get back to your room and find your wallet gone or the bottom of your backpack slashed without ever realizing it happened- unless somebody else sees it and points it out. The man on the subway next to me who got pickpocketed (Paris) had no idea it had happened, as the pickpocketers created a diversion. Afterwards, a fellow subway passenger pointed to the wallet on the floor of the train and asked "Is that yours?" The shocked tourist picked it up and found the wallet empty of money. Fortunately, he at least still had his drivers license left in the wallet and his wife had most of the credit cards and cash. The pickpocketers had been shoving me, hard, but nothing of mine was taken- thanks to my pacsafe bag!

I love the alteration to your bag though. I assume to make it easier to get bulky items in and out? You did a great job!

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Oh wow. That is brilliant. I am NOT a seamstress but I believe even I could manage this with your instructions.

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That is such a creative solution to give you a safe backpack. I love it. Your sewing skills are very impressive.