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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Carry On Limitations for International Travel
mitchellgayle19 9
Super lightweight rain jacket for women
Lola 6
Packing List, Male, 65 years
bogiesan 8
Still on the Carry- On only theme...
S J 21
Ebags Professional Weekender or TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior?
siskiou 40
Obviously I’ve been packing all wrong.
Frank T. 2
Eagle Creek Pack-It-Folders practical for tours?
slkc 17
Rec for rain jacket & pants?
David 10
Men's Long Sleeve Travel Shirts
Greg 33
Day Bag for Men - Museum Friendly
lhdunlap 9
dldubay 24
Another neck pillow thread
SandraL 7
Ladies: one color or varied for bottoms?
PandaBear 29
Talk me off the ledge - I’ve entered the “scuba gear and ballgowns” territory
Gretchen 27
Bringing olive oil and wine from Europe
Alan 9
Penny wise pound foolish
Cindy H 21
Rolling luggage vs backpack?
pleiades3 61
Still on the subject of carry on bags.....
S J 11
Pool Noodles
cj-traveler 5
First time to try carry on only..
S J 19
travel essentials for a young solo traveler
Ruth 30
Favorite day packs?
Brian 11
Womens Light Weight summer clothes finds for 2019
LF 21
Norwegian Air Carry On Baggage Size
davidl 15
Electric shavers
Jaunty 17
which suitcase?
Liz 16
I found a really good price on the Lewis N. Clark Electrolight Packing Cubes
Adrienne 1
Packing light for two weeks and various climates
mountainmama 34
My source for teeny toiletry containers
LIZinPA 🧳 24
Do you use RFID?
Candlemaker8 27
Diane 12
Travel Bags - Security Question
Darrell942 23
Travel clothes for Plus Sized woman (2x) for days with highs of 70F
Leaves of Green 21
Thwart the Pick-Pockets with these.....
Lanna 5
VAT Refunds
bebzphernz 12
Pack light for professional presentation?
hollyk3799 22
RS rain poncho??? Sale ends today.
horsewoofie 12
silly packing question
horsewoofie 15
Economy Light on Lufthansa ?
Laura B 6
Lightweight but appropriate for dinner dresses
ck 7
traveling pants and waterproof rain jacket
BethFL 54
Neck Pillow
stmurray2 15
Germany - Going through customs with prescription medication?
rtinsley84 10
Will these bags work for our travel party of 3?
PandaBear 22
How are carryon (hand) bags measured in Europe?
PandaBear 17
lightweight jeans?
rizell 33
Italy Villages: Can you leave items on the bus while you tour a site?
sbotkin 7
How much does your packed bag weigh?
Sue 30
Checking bags at Napoli Central, should we leave passports with bags to keep with us
bobsilver83 9
RS rolling Carryon - 21” expandable question
Lulu348 8