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New Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole pack

I am trying really hard not to buy this pack. It looks great. Better than the Patagonia pack I have. Packable and better back and base padding. Storm flap, better pockets.
I'll wait for the sale.
These must be selling well. They disappeared from as I was thinking about them. Still available directly from Patagonia.

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Pretty cool. Yes, I’d have bought that instead of my red Refugio model but I got the Ref for like $25 at the REI garage sale.

There is a new 26 liter MLC, too.

Speaking of sales, are you REI? Some of last year’s Patagucci still available at 30% off. The lightweight cinch backpack is $55 if you don’t absolutely need the newest model.

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I like your "patagucci" nickname.
I noticed that in the last year or so, REI has become more restrictive with its online business. Now, you have to be an REI member to access their online "catalog." I am not a member - so, I only have access now to REI's garage/outlet/bargain basement items.

I saved myself by reading a review of patagucci's new ultralight backpack on the Patagonia website. Reviewer stated that the cinching mechanism squeezes against the inner pocket and makes it rather useless. So, now I will wait 2 years for the next generation of improvements.