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luggage..Ryanair, Volotea etc. European airlines

Hi and thanks! I have the Rick Steve’s Veloce bag and had no problems with it as personal item in addition to my carry on with RyanAir. But I soon have a couple of Italy flights on Volotea and their 2nd item dimensions are smaller than RyanAir. Anyone with Volotea luggage experience please advise. Has anyone tried smooshing down bags with ties to meet requirements? Apparently these airlines can charge up to $50 if you are over their dimensions. I’m wondering how far these airlines go to collect extra $50 fees. I’m tired of buying bags and the Veloce bag slips so well over carry on luggage handle. Thanks for advice.

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If you know your bag does not meet the dimensions just pay in advance as it is cheaper than at the airport and less stressful than trying to circumvent the rules, speculating and wondering.
This approach works best it seems as I travel a lot and have had the same bag I use for long trips the last 6 years.

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So much depends on the personnel you encounter at check in along with knowing the airlines' policies. I brought my Veloce as the personal item on a Norwegian flight to Paris last year and they didn't even look at it at LAX. On the way back, (deGaulle) they looked at it and put an "approved" tape on it. The Veloce was just outside Norwegian's limit, but I had it packed so that it could be "smooshed" into a sizer, and I decided to risk it. Worked out that time.

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The low cost airlines make their money from additional fees, such as checked in baggage, so there is a good chance that you will have your luggage measured or weighed, especially if the flight is full. If you don’t comply, you risk having to pay to check the bag at the gate, which is more expensive than booking it in advance.

Many airlines, such as EasyJet don’t allow a second personal item, such as a handbag.

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Low cost airlines will charge your credit card for the upcharge on oversize luggage. I carry 21" rolling bags that are actually 22"--1 inch oversize for some European budget airlines.
Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
I was questioned coming out of Paris CDG airport in June, and I talked my way through the gate without paying because they had 4 airplanes hit them at once--behind time. It often depends on how moody the gate attendants are on any given day whether they charge for 1" oversize bags. Usually they wave me on through.

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Flew Volotea in October between Bari and Palermo,50 minute flight; they fly between smaller European cities. No problems at all. We each checked a 22” bag and carried on a smaller bag. Check in was probably the easiest, most friendly experience I have ever had. The same staff member handled the boarding process too. Small bags were not measured nor weighed. The aircraft reminded us of an old Southwest Airlines plane.
We would happily fly Volotea again. It saved us from having to return to Rome to fly to Palermo, several hours and more money.