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Pants Suggestions or Ideas for Russia/Baltics in October

I'm looking for pants that I can wash in a sink and will dry quickly. Since it is likely to be cool, they should be warm. Any suggestions? Most I've seen appear to be too lightweight. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I know I am a guy but I just bought my wife two pair of pants from Clothing, they are warm, made of nylon but feel like cotton, wash easy and dry quickly. I've been wearing these pants for several years and they are perfect for travel because they have secure pockets that prevent pick-pockets from ruining your trip. My wife is excited about having pockets since most ladies pants either don't have pockets or if they do they are not very functional!

I'm not affliated with clothing arts in any way I just like their products.

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Might be easier to add a pair of merino wool or polypro tights. Look at cross country ski, running, and cycling apparel.

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I like to layer the lightweight pants over leggings if warmth is needed. Then if it's warmer than expected your aren't stuck with only too-warm pants.

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How long is your trip? On my own recent trips to colder summer climates ( Iceland, Scandinavia and Finland) I have started just rewearing my pants/ skirt- in my case jeans. In Sydney I wore the same jeans 4 days, for example. Then seal into one of those lg compression bags. In this way, for a 3 week trip, I only take 3-4 " bottoms". I do sink wash underwear. At the end I have a compressed brick of laundry!

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My husband and I are going on a 9-day Baltic Cruise and will be flying to Copenhagen to board. After looking at the historical weather, St. Petersburg seems to be the coolest place we will be. I'm trying to keep packing to a minimum.
Thanks for all your replies.

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These may not be warm enough but I like Rohan's lined jeans-wear silk underwear underneath.

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PrAna pants and merino wool long johns worked for me in early April in northern Andalucia. I had a couple mornings with temperatures around 40F. The mostly-nylon fabric does a pretty good job of shedding water, which helped keep me comfortable when it rained.

Important: Don't drink the tap water in St. Petersburg. It harbors a very annoying intestinal parasite. Should you have gastro problems within about 2 weeks of your visit, tell your doctor where you have been and that you may have encountered giardia.

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My husband and I are going on a 9-day Baltic Cruise

For 9-days if you bring 2 pants, and rotate them daily, shouldn't require any washing...unless you're OCD, sweat a lot, plan on doing some crazy hiking/bushwacking ashore, or are accident prone and spill a lot.

If you're considering options, take a look at brands like ExOfficio, Khul, Prana, LL Bean and Travelsmith... The thinner the fabric, the easier it'll be to dry in-room, however the thinner fabrics aren't going to be as warm as say a pair of denim. As another poster pointed out, wearing a thin base layer, like thermal underwear against the skin, then wear whatever pants you bring will help with warmth retention.