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Jogger pants for the flight

For the past couple of years I've worn leggings on the long flight from Seattle to Europe, but I'm thinking that a pair of jogger pants might be slightly more flattering to my shape, while still being comfortable. I want a pair that won't be all baggy and misshapen in the knees and rear after all that sitting.

Any recommendations for brands or particular styles to check out?

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Not sure what you mean by “jogger pant,” but I have worn a very comfortable and flattering crepe pant by Eileen Fisher that wears well, is a good dressy pant when needed, and washes like a dream. They are pricey but they endure. Had my last pair for at least two years.

This spring I wore the J,Crew Cameron pant and it held up extremely well. Also more budget friendly and equally easy care.

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Hey Teresa,

I don't know the actual terminology for the pant - couldn't really find a picture of what I was visualizing.

For consideration, I was thinking about those pants that are rather slimming, made of a rayon-like material (or sort of a light spandex?), not heavy or thick; sometimes have a stripe down the side and at the ankle has a slit?

Update - so what I am thinking of is along the lines of a "training" pant - sleek - looks more dressier.

Jogger pants will have a cuffed ankle, yes.

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I have a couple of pairs of Danskin jogger pants and I love them. One is a bit heavier, more like lightweight sweats, that I like for lounging around the house when it's cool. The other is much lighter weight and more appropriate for travel. They don't bag in the knees or rear even if I do a lot of sitting. The lighter weight ones are like these.

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Lands end starfish collection. Knit pants that look good, feel good. These are my “airplane pants.”

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Rohan offer a couple of pants that are sort of jogging pants but a bit more flattering - Troggings, which are insulated, and Amblers, which are not. There are men's and women's versions.

Since you have to fly to Britain to find a store, they may not be the most convenient option for you but they have an American website and are currently running a sale.

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Athleta has a variety of pants that may fit the description. I have THESE ONES and there are other choices too.

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I had no idea the world of jogger pants that was out there!!!

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In addition to Lands End Starfish collection which is all cotton they have others that I like. I took a pair of their active yoga pants on my most recent trip. Hand washed them, rolled them in a towel and they were dry the next day ready for the flight home.

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I just bought a pair of 32 Degrees Jogger Pants ($11.99) from Costco. I didn't intend to use them as travel pants, but they are so comfortable (and with three zippered pockets) I am now considering it. Give 'em a look. Available in a wide range of both men's and women's sizes.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I've got a lot of Googling to do!

I wouldn't have called them "jogger pants" either if it weren't for Amazon. I probably would've said "lightweight sweats."

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Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is on now and there are jogger pants on sale. I don’t wear them so can’t comment on brands. They also have Chantelle undies on sale that travel great, drying quickly when hand washed.

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I have two pairs of joggers, both heathered grey, that I wear on SFO to CDG flights. One pair, heavier for winter, is from Addidas and the ankles have zippers as do the pockets. The other pair, I bought from a Nordstrom anniversary sale — zippered pockets and ribbed at ankles. These are also amazing. They are made by Zella and are currently on sale at Nordstrom for $49.90. I know this because I keep looking to get them in solid black instead of heathered and solid black is always sold out.

I’m thinking of wearing a JJill midi dress from their Wearever collection on our September flight Boston/Milan. I think I’ve worn every conceivable type of pants on long trips. The benefits of the dress would be nothing potentially squeezing my waist as the hours passed, greater air flow, legs still mostly covered (midi). I will add this dress in no way would present a tripping hazard.

I have a trip in a few weeks Phoenix to Boston so I think I’ll give it a trial run.

Not meaning to hijack the jogger pants discussion, but any other travelers here more comfortable in a comfy dress instead?

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I much prefer pants with some stretch for flight days. The low-cut PrAnas I wore this year were comfortable because they don't come up to the waist. They don't get baggy. The main thing is that I would never wear something on the plane that wouldn't be used throughout the trip.

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The main thing is that I would never wear something on the plane that
wouldn't be used throughout the trip.

^^I agree. Or at the very least, I would not wear something that could not be used throughout the trip. Makes sense when traveling carry-on-only - don't waste space/resources on a one-trick pony garment.

And it makes even more sense when not traveling carry-on-only! My own standard is, that if my checked bag is delayed or lost, I can be clean and presentable for a day or two - or more - with the clothes on my back + whatever is in my carry-on. Therefore my carry-on holds at least a change of undies, shirt, and socks, and something to sleep in.

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The benefits of the dress would be nothing potentially squeezing my waist as the hours passed, greater air flow, legs still mostly covered (midi).

I like this idea a lot, except that I have clotting issues so I have to wear compression socks. I think they'd look pretty weird with a dress. There are compression tights, but wearing them for 10+ hours sounds awful!

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I live in prAna's Halle pants- extremely comfortable, nearly impossible to kill, and versatile enough to handle anything from a 10+ mile hike to a casual dinner and music event back in town