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Traveling with AWAY brand luggage

My husband has the AWAY carry on bag- I asked for one for Christmas . He bought me the AWAY medium bag. I think it’s too big for RS tour. We are doing the Italy villages tour in September.
He said he would lug it for me.

Has anyone toured with this brand of luggage?
I think the larger carry on would be good enough.
Here are dimensions of all of the bags.
carry on -Exterior 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”
Bigger carry one - Exterior 22.7” x 14.7” x 9.6”
Medium size Exterior 26” x 18.5” x 11”

He did say he would haul it, but I am concerned it will be annoying. Are there restrictions on luggage size for the RS buses?
Help !

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Why don’t you exchange it for the Bigger carry on, a compromise?

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I have been traveling with the Away carry on with no problems.

You can take any size luggage you want on an RS tour, you just have to lug it yourself. On the Village Italy there are a couple of longer walks to/from the coach.

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There are no size restrictions on the RS tours. I've been on three and on one of them the tour leader had the largest piece of any of us!

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carry on -Exterior 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”

you really do not need bigger than this

the 'bigger' carry on is going to be a problem with many airlines as a carry on

the 26" will always have to be checked, meaning a stop to drop it off and going to baggage claim to get it back

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I wouldn't take a 26" bag unless it was absolutely essential for something like medical supplies. What are you going to do if your husband strains his back on Day 1 (not necessarily carrying the bag)?

There are pro.s and con.s to everything. I have traveled with a 26 incher a few times for various reasons. You and your husband can use it as a combined bag. Then, supplement it (if necessary) with a small bag that you can stack on top that has a trolley sleeve (like a daypack, zippered tote, or duffle).
The big question here is whether or not you will be traveling on trains. I have taken a 26 incher on trains. A lot of times - you have to store it at the end of the car on a luggage rack. Sometimes - you get lucky and have enough floor space next to your seat to just "park" it. Putting it into overhead bins or racks is a problem.

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For the RS tours, its not storage space on the bus that is the issue. Its handling that bag when you are having to pull it for several blocks, carry it up stairs (unavoidable in some places), dealing with tiny elevators that you have to share. And the real issue is delaying the group when there is a schedule.

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I usually use a carry on bag, but last June I took a 25" bag when I went to Germany. I was visiting family at the beginning of the trip and was taking gifts to my cousin's infant twins. I almost immediately regretted that big bag. Fortunately I wasn't moving around too much and only had a few train trips to deal with. I've traveled 6+ weeks at a time with my carry on, and you can bet I'll be taking it on all my future trips. No more big bag for me!

Can you possibly exchange your bag?

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I really like the away brand luggage and was spending for a few days of research.. but it seems that there is some comparisons that were noticed while doing my research which lead me to believe that Monos maybe be much better product in quality. This blog seems interesting - talking about both brands Monos VS Away.

I'm leaning towards Monos carry-on plus --- it also doesn't take away space due to battery compartment so it seems like a perfect size for me. I already have 2 powerbanks (20,000 mAh) haha so definitely don't need another one.