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Is solid deodorant considered a liquid?

Narrowing down my packing for carryon only for my next trip; and wondered if a solid, not gel-based, stick deodorant is considered a liquid.
It seems the definitions change , like waves in the ocean, constantly.
I'm flying from Canada to Rome, and back through Munich to Canada.
The Canadian CATSA website says gel deodorants ARE liquids; but I'm so far unable to find any definite info from Italy or Germany.

And what about makeup- removing wipes?
They are damp, but not liquid, in their packages, so how are those viewed?

Trivial , I know; but those 3 in 1 bags don't hold an awful lot!
Thank you.

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Makeup wipes wouldn’t count as a liquid or gel in my experience. I travel with “wet ones” wipes and insect repellent wipes, never put them in my 3-1-1 bag and have never had a problem.

Same for solid deodorant.

A useful rule of thumb is that liquids and gels take the shape of their container (sooner in the case of liquids, eventually in the case of gels). Solids don’t.

Enjoy your trip!

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Another Canadian here ... why don't you just call CATSA on their toll-free phone number if you can't find the answers on their website?


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I have recently flown into and out of Canada (US resident) and have never put my stick deodorant in the 3 in 1 bag. Also, I carry Wet Ones in prepackaged individual packets in my purse, not the 3 in 1 bag. This has been true through 3 trips to Europe as well. I think you will be fine.

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One thing to be aware of is that there is no hard and fast rule. The rule states that "liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes" must be in the 311 bag. It does not specifically state what a solid deodorant is, nor does it define "paste" or Gel is. All of that is entirely up to the TSA Screener. If they feel your deodorant falls into the category, it goes in the bag or doesn't fly. Lets face it, it really is not a solid, not a powder, sort of pasty, or maybe yours looks like gel.

Now chances of being "caught" or questioned are low, they would likely let it slide, or wind up checking it and do a wipe and sniff test, or you could lose it.

I always stick it in the bag, just avoids the question.

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In over at least 50 or 60 flights over the last fifteen years or so, throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Central America I have never put my solid Old Spice push-up (roll-up) deodorant in my 3/1/1/ bag. (Yeah, I know it's marketed for men, but it works well for women who don't want aluminum in their deodorant). It always goes in my hanging "dop kit." I have never been stopped or had any problem.

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well, as you are not traveling through the US, the TSA agent variable is less relevant. But like others, I travel carry on only internationally and never had an issue with my solid deodorant. And if by some freak chance someone gets pushy about it and it won't fit into the 3-1-1, then buy a new one. Don't sweat it ;-)
As you are looking ahead on your preparation, decant as much as you can into tiny containers. Dollarama has them in their craft or travel section. You can go so far as to decant, use at home to see how far that amount goes. Do test with water first to see it is truly waterproof as it is a dollar store item after all. It can at least tell you what size to buy of a better quality container, however.
Also even though I have a number of allergies, I can use Lush products (I just buy them ahead and let the scent age out). They have solid shampoo, conditioner, powder tooth cleaner, powder mouthwash tabs. Buying solid alternatives for liquids has made my carry on only so much easier....and left room in my 3-1-1 for the special sunscreens and things I have to take.

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Physics 10

Solid Has a defined shape and volume

Liquid Has volume but does not have a defined shape

Gel, coherent mass consisting of a liquid in which particles too
small to be seen in an ordinary optical microscope
are either
dispersed or arranged in a fine network throughout the mass. A gel may
be notably elastic and jellylike (as gelatin or fruit jelly), or quite
solid and rigid (as silica gel, a material that looks like coarse
white sand and is used as a dehumidifier). Gels are colloids
(aggregates of fine particles, as described above, dispersed in a
continuous medium) in which the liquid medium has become viscous
enough to behave more or less as a solid. Contraction of a gel,
causing separation of liquid from it, is called syneresis. Compare

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I use a crystal deodorant now, and Oil of Olay has dry face wipes that work very well. I cut them in half, and it’s enough to remove my makeup. The crystal deodorant can be purchased in a travel size from Amazon; I like it so well that it’s my every day choice now. Neither of these need to be in your 3-1-1.

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Side note: Duck confit in a can is considered a liquid by the French TSA folks :)

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Thanks for your prompt replies, everyone.
I might have a look for a crystal deodorant.
Have already done tests to see how much my tiny containers hold, and was pleasantly surprised.
Go Tubbs , in the smallest size , hold more than two weeks of toothpaste!

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Solid deodorant is not liquid. Same for solid shampoo bar, or wet wipes.I always carry them in my bag, not in 3-1-1.

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Just buy some in country. It's not hard or time consuming.

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I also found stick sunscreen so that saves space too.
If I run out of anything, I will buy it there; but I don't want to waste any time looking for toiletries on the first day.
Vacation time is precious, even for retirees!

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Wow, I can't believe so many difficult answers to an easy question. No, solid deodorant isn't considered a liquid.

I carry two quart size bags for my toiletries, one is for liquids and can be pulled of my bag easily for inspections. The other is for dry stuff. My deodorant goes with the dry stuff.

Gel or roll on deodorants are considered liquid. If it can leak, pour or ooze, it's a liquid.

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I usually travel with solid anti-perspirants in my carry on (not in the 3-1-1 bag), and have never been questioned. These are a solid consistency and not a gel. This material would retain its shape if removed from the plastic container.

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I've never put solid deodorant in a 3-1-1 bag. And never been questioned, either, though I'm sure there may be some countries where it might be an issue.