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We want to know if we are allowed to bring one carry on size bag and one stand size suitcase for our trip to France....we each have a backpack...

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Is this question about packing for a Rick Steves tour or flying on a specific airline?

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It is about the RS tour starting in Paris to Normandy in a couple weeks....
I believe the forum has pretty much answered us, that smaller us better, but as long as we handle our own stuff it’s ok......

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Yes, as long as you can handle carrying it you can bring it. You may want to pack an overnight bag for Mont St Michel. Leave the big bag on the bus.

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Thanks much....we understand how it works, we can handle what we have, and yes, are planning just a backpack for Mont St.Michel........

Think about how you are going to walk with both a carry-on case and a standard case. Can the carry-on be stacked on top of the standard case? Maybe you would be better off with one large bag instead of both a carry-on and a standard checked bag. 2 backpacks, 2 carry-ons, and a standard 24-25" incher seems like a lot of luggage.

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Our experience from six trip with RS had been easy. We each do a 21 roller bag for the over head on thei international flights and one shoulder type bag that will fit under the seat. We have yet to have to put them there. Normally they go into the over head. Inside the piece have another soft bag for the items we want with us on the long flight., ie ear buds, wipes, protein bars etc recently by wife added compression socks. We, have found we can easily maneuver through airports underground and restaurant s. We also pack a small lightweight back pack for the days on the bus and walks with umbrellas, rain jackets, protein bars ( we bring from home Cliff or Kind), extra charging battery for iPhones.
As far as once on the tour these bags work well navigating the streets and hotels. When we went to Mt St Michael we simple pack for one night in our should bags. You may find the back packs can be troublesome on the trains and underground and anytime you have to stand and wait-in security lines, etc
Our son and dau-in-law do “My way” trips with back packs so what ever you chose enjoy the journey.
France is a great trip, the Adriatic is my favorite, but Italy, our first is a highlight still.
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To answer your question: You can carry on a 21" rolling carry on bag, but the standard size suitcase must be checked.
We travel indefinitely with just a 21" carry on bag with swivel rollers. I used to take a small school type backpack for electronics, etc., however every trip I'm scaling down what I carry.

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Large luggage is a real handicap, on and off of trains, in airports, in hotels. It bothers other travelers too.

I think I misunderstood your question. You are talking about 2 backpacks, 1 carry-on, and 1 standard suitcase total. It's doable. I have traveled with a 26" incher. It's easier to travel with a 21" case than a 25-26" if you are using trains and buses. But, a 25-26" is doable. Use packing cubes and try to pare-down to a 21-22" bag. You won't regret it.