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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Where to find the hideaway tote.
Lulu 8
How do you take all your paperwork?
Lulu 49
Lulu 15
I really don't want to buy a pacsafe purse..ideas for securing the one I have.
Lulu 32
Let's talk Hats!
Lulu 20
Can I get away with a short skirt in Italy?
Lulu 20
Fast Drying Women's T
Lulu 20
Question about Rick Steves carryon
Lulu 3
How much does your filled carryon weigh?
Lulu 19
Do you take your own umbrella.
Lulu 36
Passport...what to copy.
Lulu 6
Do liquid prescription medications has to go in the 3-1-1 quart bag?
Lulu 8
Ugh..last minute wardrobe changes due to hot weather.
Lulu 54
What do you put all your little things in?
Lulu 30
How to pack a man's long sleeve shirt?
Lulu 35
How uncomfortable are compression socks?
Lulu 19
Veloce bag secret compartment
Lulu 8
How many CC do you take as a couple?
Lulu 16
Wow...what a great trip
Lulu 13
Clarification on cosmetics carryon.
Lulu 12
Compression socks
Lulu348 8
When do you start packing your clothes?
Lulu348 25
RS rolling Carryon - 21” expandable question
Lulu348 8
Packable women’s hat?
Lulu348 31
Compression cubes
Lulu348 8
Another travel purse question
Lulu348 37
What do you carry your cosmetics in?
Lulu348 33
Need help finding CC holder for belt
Lulu348 7
Ladies, what do you wear on your flights?
Lulu348 43
How often is there RS sale?
Lulu348 6
How do you organize your paperwork? Organizing tips?
Lulu348 29
Do you use your Memory Foam Pillow?
Lulu348 8
Men’s Travel capsule.
Lulu348 22
Travel neck cushion
Lulu348 11
If want want to take your favorite cologne!
Lulu348 11
Makeup bag
Lulu348 24
How many containers do you carry your stuff in?
Lulu348 18
Wrinkle release
Lulu348 15
I did my first trial pack!
Lulu348 50
Tissue when rolling
Lulu348 12
Packing suggestions for My Way Alpine tour in August for a woman?
lutzgal 11
Online Sale of Rick Steves Luggage
Luv2Travel 5
RS Ravenna Roller or Rolling Carry On; Crossbody Travel Bag or Civita Shoulder Bag - Recs?
lydiabaca 24
Greece in May, SPF/UPF long sleeve zip top
Lyndash 25
Crossbody bag instead of wheeled bag or backpack experiment
Lyndash 9
For people who travel with a backpack…hip belt vs waist belt vs no belt
Lyndash 24
A Guide to Carry-On Luggage Sizes and Weights
Lynn 7
Runaway Luggage on Tarmac
Lynn 8
Which packing cubes are better?
M 32
Best Compression Bags
M 10