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This might be even better than PacSafe.....

One of my sons just brought this new product to my attention.....

It appears to provide some features that aren't included with PacSafe (such as a waterproof compartment for tablet). However, these bags are not cheap so probably won't appeal to many travellers, especially on this forum. I'm not suggesting that everyone should rush out and buy one, but just providing this for information.

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A ten cent, gal zip lock bag with keep an tablet waterproof.

It's always fun to see what's out there. I think items found in camping and boating departments can be helpful if someone needs a "dry" container of some sort or a travel first aid kit. Wal-mart and dollar tree can help. I like a bag that has some basic structure and organization features.

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$149 - that's expensive 😳 It looks like the lock used is the weakest point. Thanks for sharing.

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" It looks like the lock used is the weakest point"

I most definitely agree! They appear to allow two choices for the lock, an Abus model or a Master Lock model. Both are the cheaper sort of three digit combination locks. For the locks, they use accurate but somewhat misleading statements like "Abus combination lock has a massive aluminium body with anodized coating" and "made out of hardened steel and is conform to any security standard of it’s class."

Those claims are true to a point and might sound impressive to the average consumer that doesn't know any better, but a Locksmith will quickly recognize that they don't appear to have heel & toe locking so provide only very minimal security (despite a "massive aluminium body"). As the old saying goes, "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link".

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Hi Ken,

The 'trustbag' has some interesting features, but I would not pay $149 for it!
I think the shoulder cords would be uncomfortable, I prefer padded shoulder straps.
I don't know anyone who would use a bag to climb a tree, that's for sure!

Thanks for sharing!

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The more I think about this bag, the more I like it. It would come in handy to store valuables in my car in parking garages or giving a valet access to my car (I have limited storage space). Also, I could store my iPod, iPad, and/or cell phone at the pool or beach. It would be nice to have a place to store my belongings when I take a dip in the pool or in the ocean or if I want to take a walk along the beach. I currently store them in a nylon backpack and secure the backpack to something - which will hopefully prevent an opportunist from walking away with my bag. However, a nylon backpack could be cut with simple scissors.

Oh, but then again . . . I do have a bag problem - always on the lookout for the next bag. So I should pass. LOL

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It seems like the question is, are you trying to stop the opportunist or the determined thief?

This bag will definitely stop the opportunist, and may be overkill for that scenario. For example, even an $80 Tom Bihn DayLight Backpack will stop slash and grab opportunism, is almost totally waterproof (not submersible) and you can add a simple chain lock that'll secure it.

This bag isn't going to stop a determined, equipped thief and, by having such a bag, you're advertising that you have valuables in it so one could argue it's actually going to attract attention you don't want.

That leaves the scenario where you want maximum protection against opportunism and the bag is out of sight like in a car or hotel room, but one has to wonder if you should even be in that scenario in the first place ...

Seems like a great product, but I"m sure what the use-case for me would be.