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When topics disappear

Posted a response on a new topic yesterday. Now the whole thread seems to have disappeared.

Wasn't a controversial topic. Maybe some snarky responses.

Why would the whole topic disappear?

Could have just eliminated the snarky responses.

I've seen other snarky responses and the threads are still there.

Just curious. Not trying to start anything.

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You know that the person posting a thread can delete it themselves, right?

I think I only deleted one of my threads, when I just got annoyed that I wasn't getting anything remotely useful in reply.

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I have had this happen a couple of times to me too! At first I thought I was crazy.

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I don't know what happened, or even what thread has disappeared. If the thread was deleted by the webmaster, it was probably because it takes considerably longer to delete individual posts--or parts of posts--than to zap the entire thread. We have been warned in the past that threads could be deleted in their entirety, and it has definitely happened.

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I find that a lot of times when posters don't get told "what you want to do is the best idea ever" or "yes the rules really do apply to you" they take their toys and go home :)

I see it lot on air travel questions or complaints as in "I found a cheap flight Atlanta to Madrid that stops in London so what i want to do is get off in London and then get back on in London a week later" When told "no the airline will cancel all flights after the one you skipped" they pack up and leave because we dared to tell them "the rules apply to you"

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And some people think when their question is answered, there's no reason to leave it up.

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It's probably the same thread as I saw vanish overnight. RS forum was possibly not the best place for the topic in question, there is another forum I think I would have wanted to re-direct it to. But with more specific information from the OP it could have been answered better and very constructively and helpfully. In fact my response said as much. It's a shame but it's happened.

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Did it disappear from your posting history? Go to My Account - Travel Forum and you will see links to your recent posts.

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Some are taken down by the webmaster; some are taken down by the OP.

I can remember a time when there was a thread on which people were posting on a weeked, and and almost the entire thread became very political. I suspected that come Monday morning it would be gone, taken down by the webmaster for violating the rules, and Monday it was gone.

On the other hand, I have seen threads that I believe were taken off by the OP, particularly a post about an itinerary that I think the poster put up to show how smart they were, as in how many famous places can you "pass through" (no time to really visit) in a short time. I think Frank II once refered to such an itinerary as "blink and run". Most of the responses told the OP that the intinerary was not realistic. After too much criticism, that thread disappeared. I think that poster took their own thread down because they didn't get the kudos they wanted.

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I delete posts that get off-topic posts right up at the top, because it is futile to think the original question will ever get answered (because it won't).

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If the web master takes it down you will generally find Ricky lying on the floor. If the original poster deletes it, it just disappears.

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Tom, you stated my opinion exactly. After one or two off topic responses usually not from regulars, I delete. I assume I didn’t make my question clear because there is nothing too complicated for this group.

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Why ??? --- because you think you are in control of your own posting. Ha !!

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khansen, you can delete this thread if you’ve had enough. 😉

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I'd glad you got the answer to your question....

or at least a clue.

The bottom line is, nobody ever knows for sure - except the thread owner and the Webmaster...