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Verage luggage

Does anyone have experience with Verage luggage?

I'm looking for a lightweight spinner underseater that opens fully from the front.
Verage has 3 underseat options, one 2-wheeled and two spinners weighing in between 4.2 and 5-lbs. I don't care about having a USB port, but that seems to be the "thing" now.

They also show which major airlines each will fit on. I'm sure window/middle/aisle may affect that. And they have a table of major airline carry-on and underseat dimensions and weight limits. Again YMMV.

The spinner 14-inch Plus version has a trolley sleeve which holds the bag sideways on your larger bag. When I traveled with my 2-wheeled underseater and a separate trolley strap to attach it to the larger bag, I couldn't hold the handle of the larger 2-wheeled bag without getting my hand squashed by the underseater. In the photos of this one sitting on its side on top of the other bag, it's not in the way.

So, any experience with durability, ease of use of Verage luggage? Amazon rates it 4.6 stars.

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I have a comparable rolling bag that I just use from time to time to haul my laptop.

We use 21" TravelPro ultra light swivel wheel carry on's. They're reasonably priced on and can often be found at Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx. We find no problem putting them overhead in Boeing and Airbus long haul planes.

WIth one 21" rolling bag and using a modified Rick Steves packing list, I can travel indefinitely at under 22 lbs. total weight.