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On a scale of 1-10 , 1 being pure fiction and 10 being absolute truth, I am guessing the article rates a 7-8.

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Fun to read and true at my house once upon a time. I am fairly certain my adult sons, grandson and son-in-law all use this method as their travel mantras. Especially the part about waiting until the very last minute to even start packing.

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here is what I have used cash for when I have traveled.

To buy the underwear I forgot to pack. To buy pants that I forgot to
pack. To buy shirts that I forgot to pack. To buy a jacket because I
forgot to pack my sweatshirt.

Yep. Add tie and dress pants, because we're going to a fancy wedding, and this is dead on. Oh, and a belt. Don't forget the belt to go with the dress pant.

And I believe that on at least one trip that involved a fancy wedding, we had to stop for him to buy a pair of not tennis shoes.

Thanks for the laugh, khansen.

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Hysterical, and in my household not far from reality. 😆

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Oh, this has happened at my house.... and there are no men living there.

The time I left every single pair of jeans/pants hanging on the back of the door. Fortunately, I wasn't going to Europe.

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CWsocial, you are right, of course. Stan is not the only person in this house who has forgotten to pack something. (But he does it a lot more than I do!)

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This would be one way to travel "ultra-light".

Start the trip with the clothes on your back, an empty carry-on suitcase and a money belt full of cash and credit cards.

Buy everything else when you get there.

Buy a new set of clothes each day to wear the next.

If they are comfortable and wash/dry well, put them in the suitcase.

If not, "forget" them at the hotel. ;)

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My son arrived at his grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary weekend without any pants, only shorts. It was early October in Chicago. Apparently he had packed them but then removed them to wear “out”.