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Traveling with a CPAP

Has anyone traveled on the BOE 21 day tour (or a trip that goes to similar places) with a CPAP? Is there anything I need to be aware of?

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There are several recent threads on CPAP machines, which should show up on a search. Some highlights:

When leaving the US, a CPAP is considered a medical device, so you can take it onboard in addition to any other allowed carry-ons. I'm not sure if this applies in every country or airport when coming home. The security staff often want to swab it for explosives.

You should make sure it is multi-voltage (100-240 volts), so all you will need is correct plug adapters. If it is not multi-voltage (only 100-120), you may need a new power supply, or a whole new CPAP.

An extension cord is very handy, since the outlet(s) in the room may not be near enough to the bed for you to plug in the CPAP.

Distilled water is sold in supermarkets, or (for more money) in pharmacies. Some seem to use the humidifier when traveling, some do not.

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I have only had my CPAP swabbed during international flights. Make sure you know how to take your machine apart (separate the main section from the humidifier) since TSA may ask you to do so. I second getting a long extension cord. This will also come in handy when you are charging electronics. I have read that distilled water can be difficult to find in some countries. Bottled water is better to use than tap water if you cannot find distilled.

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I spent 7 weeks in Europe with my CPAP this past Spring and only used tap water with no ill effects. Since bottled water is usually high in minerals, and minerals are what leave the deposits, I think that it would be a poor choice.
I did clean the water reservoir when I returned home with a soft brush to remove the little bit of minerals there and then I returned to my regular use of distilled water.
Since the bag (I used the Euro Bag which slips over the handle of my roller) was not counted as a cabin bag since it held a medical device, I "hid" a few extras in the bag underneath the CPAP itself to keep the weight of my roller down.
I can't promise this will work for everyone, of course. ;-)

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It sounds pretty similar to traveling with the CPAP in the US. I will have to check on the voltage, however. I did not think about using "search", thanks for that suggestion.