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New Years Eve Budapest
hedmunds1 3
4 1/2 days in Budapest. Please Help!
Heidi 8
Opera House, Erkel or Operette
HeidiK 13
Suggestions on what is open and what to do on All Saints Day (11/1) in Budapest
HeidiK 4
Favorite Restaurants and Dessert Places in Budapest
HeidiQ 9
Budapest airport and sightseeing
heimdeb 5
Borders with Croatia & Slovinia
Herbie 1
Budapest to Slovenia Transportation
HH05 6
Budapest to Prague
Hickory 3
Requirements for visiting Hungary for a week? :)
hiking1388 9
Suggested itinerary for 2 full days in Budapest May, 2016
His Regal... 28
Budapest for 3 days
hlindsey6 7
12 Full Days in Hungary - Itinerary Help
Holly 1
Train Station to Eger and Pecs
Holly 1
Private driver or taxi company from Budapest to Prague
homehs 9
Budapest 5.5 Days in December
hsiemers22 5
ATMs in Budapest airport
hunylynn 3
Looking for itinerary suggestions
ICS 15
Advice for Solo Senior traveller
idell925 6
Prague or Budapest? Eternal question.
Ilja 1
Local transportation tickets at Budapest main train station.
indismay 8
Suggested Itinerary for 3 Full Day trip in September 2017
Intrepid 25
New Budapest Airport shuttle bus - starting July 8, 2017
Irena 10
keszthesly to budapest bus?
Irene 2
Need help with classical music/cultural events in Budapest in September
Irene 13
Jewish Budapest in one day
Irene 13
Things in Budapest to book in advance?
Irene 6
Where to stay in Budapest?
istvandesiderata 9
Miscellaneous questions on Budapest
istvandesiderata 2
Visiting the Hungarian Parliament using a non-English guided tour
istvandesiderata 15
Men's Bath Dress
Budapest Zoo and Holnemvolt Park
Getting from Budapest to Dubrovnik in May
jab 5
best airport transfer to boat pier?
Jack 1
Arriving in Budapest on Easter Sunday?
james.august 2
Buying Hungarian Wine Online?
james.august 5
Welcome to Hungary!!
James E. 12
Good Background Reading and Movies
James E. 4
Nostalgic Train Trips & Other Links for planning a trip to Budapest
James E. 3
4 Days in Budapest (from a PM)
James E. 7
Hungarian Clothing
James E. 3
How to Spend Two Days in Budapest (from a PM)
James E. 7
Parliament Tour Tickets (from a PM)
James E. 3
Taxi from Keleti Station or Metro? (from a PM)
James E. 5
Holiday Season in Budapest
James E. 5
Zona and the Gozsdu udvar (from a PM)
James E. 1
Metro from Train Sta, Szentendre?, Jewish Qtr Tour?,Opera Dinner, House of Terror...
James E. 4
Hungary Books
James E. 8
Hungary Film
James E. 4
Stuff for Younger People to do
James E. 0