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Platza Treatment in Budapest

Does anyone know where I can find a Platza Treatment in Budapest? (if you don't know what a platza treatment is, look it up! then have one - they're great!)

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I read an article (if you google "platza treatment in Budapest" you can read it) about the actress Elizabeth Banks having a tortuous Platza (also called venik) treatment. I've had one here in Boston - they're really quite good!
But the article didn't mention where (or for that matter, when).
I reached out to Szechenyi, Rudas and Gellert Spas but they don't seem to know what I am referring to.
So, I might be out of luck....but I've got a week remaining before I leave; I am not easily put off!

Funny you mention Kyiv. Last night my wife, daughter and I had dinner in Boston and our waiter was from Ukraine - he immediately knew what I was talking about! I guess "Venik" means: broom with leaves (which is the apparatus used in the treatment).