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any towns between Budapest and Prague to visit


I will be travelling to Budapest for 3 or 4 days in March, then off to visit my niece studying in Prague. I have been to Prague before but it's been 15 years. And not to Budapest. I will be travelling solo; which I have done before. I was considering taking the overnight train but thought I would see what towns may be on the way. I have no interest in Vienna.

I looked at Brno and Cesky Krumlov? Thoughts? Thank you.

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I here good things about Brno but haven't been there myself. Cesky Krumlov is worth at least one night and two wouldn't bore me on a return trip. Also think about spending a night in Gyor and seeing the Archabbey at Pannonhalma. I have been there and to Melk and I think Pannonhalma was time better spent (more "real"). Gyor is on the train track half way between Budapest and Vienna. Or spend more time in Budapest and run over night trips to places like Balaton and to Pecs and Eger.

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I had no interest in Vienna, but I stopped anyway because it was on the way and I loved it.

Brno was suggested to me as a lovely stop, but I couldn't fit it in.

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Search for Brno on this website. It's an untouristy city but charming and with a lot of stuff to see. I already wrote about it on this forum several times. I hope you will be able to find some of my responses.

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I vote for Brno where to make your stop. Logistically, choosing that town makes sense, en route and direct. The town was historically significant enough as it was a province capital. Or, you could divert to go to another historical site closer to Prague, Hradec Kralov..

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Bratislava is another option not mentioned. I haven't been but have heard good things.

I have been to Brno and liked it. It has a nicely restored city center and a large castle/cathedral on the hill overlooking the city. If you like architecture at all, it is a Mecca for Modernist architecture, much like Chicago is in the US. Most famous is the Tugendhat House designed by Mies van der Rohe, which is one of his greatest masterpieces. It has just been restored and is open for tours (the dining room is where the "divorce" papers were signed splitting Czech and Slovakia). Around the city center are many other examples, some of which seem lifted from Miami Beach. It is worth a few hours at least, and could be an overnight stop. It is on the main train line headed to Prague.

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Our trip the end of next month will be from Budapest to Bratislava to Vienna to Prague.

We've been to Vienna a couple of times before, and find it to be an absolutely great European city--equal to any.

Budapest, Vienna and Prague are worthy of a 1 week stay each, and then you won't even see all the tourist sights.

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Another option if you are real adventurous would be to go via train and bus to Lednice, Czech. There is a Chateau and garden with a Minaret there. It was a good stop for us on our way from Prague to Budapest. We were driving though.

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Brno, Czech- well worth a stop, even if it's a quick one, to see the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. One of the most unique and striking cathedrals in all Europe.

Bratislava, Slovakia- I found this city charming, gorgeous architecture, very welcoming. A great city to see in one day. This place has come so far since the fall of communism and is really a must see. Very easy and convenient to walk and see so much.

Visegrad, Hungary- A hidden gem north of Budapest. This is a great stop in the countryside to take a break from the cities but still so much to see. Ancient castles along a gorgeous and wide stretch of river make this one of the people of Hungary's most visited tourist spots. You'll see why.