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Christmas Markets

Hello guys. We will be doing the Christmas Markets from Budapest ending in Prague. One of our fellow travelers is saying that Christmas Markets, especially in Budapest are cash only basis, that most do not accept credit cards. How true?
Also any tips on what to buy and not to buy?

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The Christmas markets I’ve visited in Germany were composed of small wood cabins in which all kinds of treats (foods, drinks), crafts and souvenirs were for sale. It was an all cash business whether in a big city or small.

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Mostly what we buy at Christmas markets is glühwein (hot spiced wine) and maybe some snacks and sweet stuff. Because of this, we have used cash, but have seen signs for credit cards in some stands selling higher-end items.
Depending on how much you want to carry around, they sell beautiful Christmas ornaments and nutcrackers, handmade soaps.

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In Budapest it seems to me that I have used a credit card, but I'm not certain. There are ATMs very near so if you see something you cant live with out it shouldn't be a problem.

The main market in Budapest is nothing but authentic Hungarian arts and crafts and locally produced products. Each has to be approved by a committee prior to being allowed. This has kept the junk out of the market. Really beautiful and interesting.

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When we visited the Christmas market in Budapest just a few years ago we had no trouble using a credit card for high end items. The Christmas market in Budapest is far superior to the ones in Prague. No made in China junk!

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No Chinese junk, one of the beauties of the Budapest market. I bought a mink ushanka at the market a few years ago (my ears were freezing) and I sort of remember that I used a credit card, but wasn't sure. A lot of the vendors run craft shops in Budapest and elsewhere in Hungary and it great to have them all in one place. Take their card and on your return trip go visit the shops of the vendors you like. Great excuse to travel outside the city and see the towns and villages.

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When I was there 2 Christmas’s ago, I bought a few things at the Christmas Market areas. I used both forint and credit cards. The craft booths were all interesting and showcasing Hungarian arts and crafts.

The food was fabulous too. You could see them making many of the dishes.

At St. Stephen’s Basilica there was a light show with music projected onto the Basilica.

Have a great time!