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Walking Tour or Bus Tour

We are going to Budapest for four nights. Is it a good idea to get a private tour for my family or is the Hip Hop Bus good enough? I dont want to spend more money if is not necesary!

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Recently I had a close friend and his father visit Budapest. I gave them all sorts of directions and ideas but when they got to town they ran into one of those individuals selling the Hop on Hop off bus tickets and they purchased them in a moment of weakness. They had an amazing time ………… so what do I know? Personally with four nights a map and a decent guide book (PM for my favorite) and a few tips I don’t think you need a guide or the bus. A guide would be a good thing if you had a particular interest that you wanted to see in depth but otherwise this is an easy town to negotiate on your own. Get a TRAVEL CARD so you can hop on and hop off the metro lines and trams and have a blast.