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Budapest in March - Reserve tickets ahead for Parliament and Baths

We will be in Budapest for 3 days in mid-March. How important is it to book tickets to tour Parliament in advance at that time of year? and should I book a tour for the baths at Szycheni or just go myself? Thanks

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Haven't been to Budapest in March, but in January we were able to just drop in at the baths on a weekday (fantastic! spent about four hours blissing out in the outside heated pool and went back to our apartment totally relaxed.)

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I'm staying in Budapest in late May so I have just organised accommodation for my stay. I have been looking at the things I want to definitely see and do while I am staying there. High on my list is organising the purchase of a ticket to visit the Parliament buildings. Booking well in advance seems to be crucial.

I would be inclined to decide the day you want to visit and then click on the time you wish to visit for a tour led by an English speaking guide. I may be wrong (and if I am someone will correct me hopefully) you have to book a tour escorted by a guide. Tours for English speakers are only available at certain times of the day. So if you are unable to book for an English tour on the day you want to visit you may end up in a group where your guide is speaking Spanish, for example.
Somewhere I have read that for people living outside the EU you pay a higher ticket price. So you would need to be very careful that you book appropriately.

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Since we're also visiting in May, I've been playing around with reserving Parliament tour tickets. So far, the English language tours have been available (not sold out) pretty frequently on each day I've checked. But it still seems to be a good idea to reserve them if you know what day and time you'd like to go.

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If Parliament is on your "must-see" list, and you really want a tour in English, then I would advise booking in advance. For me, it was a not-to-be-missed sight. Mid-October English tours were selling out in mid-September, morning tours selling out soonest. There are some same-day tickets made available, but I wouldn't rely on those if you really want to go.

You can go to the booking engine and easily see how many tours still have English (or other) spaces available - 30 days in advance. For example, I can see that this Monday, the morning tours in English are sold out; the afternoon tours still have availability.

With a little more effort, you can find out about how many tickets remain for a given date/time/language by entering different quantities to purchase and see how many you are able to add to your cart.

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Just to be a bit picky on the szechenyi bath. The outside pool is not "heated", like all the bath houses in Budapest its thermal water and comes out of the ground hot.

For the bath house, if you buy your ticket on line you can skip the line at the ticket window. If you are the least bit squeamish when it comes to naked bodies pressed together in a locker room, rent a cabana (really just a closet to change in).

You will need a towel and flipflops. You can get a good souvenir towel and the flip flops (Hungarian style) from the vendors outside the bath house.