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Searching for ancestors at St. Michael's cemetery in Sopron

Planning a day trip in July to Sopron from Vienna to see the town where my mother grew up. I have no living relatives there that I know of, but I would like to locate the graves where my grandparents and others are buried. I would like to try to locate the grave sites before I arrive. The church has a website but it is in Hungarian and I don't see an English link. Does anyone know how I can obtain this information?

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You could use something like Google Translate to translate the website. Machine translations from Hungarian to English are sort of sketchy but generally intelligible.

If it were important to me I would hire someone like: or I used the second one once many years ago.
I would also arrange for native Hungarian speaker to help me when I was in Sopron. For that I would suggest; or maybe one of these

Good Luck

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I just did a similar thing last week, took the train from Budapest to the town of Tata in the northwest, where my mother's family came from circa 1899. I wasn't exactly hoping or expecting to find living relatives, mostly just wanted to see it and didn't do much research besides googling the family name, but I did spend a good hour wandering the temeto (cemetery) and eventually found a couple of graves with our name of Katona that will be useful for more in-depth research.