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Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Why don't people trust guidebooks
Nigel 35
Why do people delete their own (non-controversial) posts?
Lola 42
Why do so many Americans seem to get jet lag?
AussieNomad 74
Why do so many European based people read this website??
Alan 23
Why do they call it an Oyster Card?
Kevin 7
Why Do We Return?
Zoe 61
why do you do these helpful things?
Ronald 44
Why do you go to the Alps?
Nigel 41
Why do you keep going back?
Allan 50
Why do you like Air BnB so much?
Lola 88
Why do you prefer traveling mostly in Europe?
Artificial... 25
why do you travel?
Chani 41
Why do you travel?
Randy 21
Why I love Rick Steves Guide books
Karen 25
Why is jet lag worse coming home?
Priscilla 38
Why is quality wine / beer so much cheaper in Europe than US? And why is alcohol...
Pat 29
Why is the bracelet scam a scam?
Karen 19
Why is the former Soviet Union ignored by ETBD?
bill 21
Why I stopped bothering with post questions on alternative destinations
Andre L. 21
Why is Travel Guard recommended for travel insurance?
Mike 18
Why Live in Vienna?
Tom 22
Why no Luxembourg?
lux 8
Why not answer the question.
ed 130
Why nothing on Latvia?
mkmiller 11
Why not Nexus for expedited entry? Looks less expensive
Bets 17
Why seasoned travelers spend less than newbies
Why see the Mona Lisa?
Allan 62
Why Should I choose Europe?
Blake 33
Why so little intrest in Eastern Europe?
rob in cal 28
Why sometimes one more beer is one too many
Ms. Jo 7
why so much spam on the forum?
Bill G 11
Why the Black Forest? And Other (Maybe) Overrated Places
Sarah 36
Why the PM's?
Mister É... 42
Why Travel With A Bulky DSLR?
Ed 47
Why water restrictions?
arl 14
Why won't this hotel get back to me?
Judey 4
Why worry?
BigMikeWestBy... 45
Why your dream European vacation is already booked solid
BigMikeWestBy... 26
Why You Should Get a Money Belt; A Cautionary Tale
Carroll 28
wide foot, high arch, small town with no specialty stores
Margi 24
Widely available chip and pin credit cards?
Bruce 2
Widowed Senior Traveling Alone
tricia 16
Widowed Traveller
jillpcan 15
Wieliczka Salt Mine
katramsburg 7
slavender 7
Marilyn 6
Wi Fi
Bill 3
WiFi Access
Sergio 1
wi-fi availability
Janice 7
WiFi Availability