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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Spend some of that leftover foreign currency at McDonald's this week
1885BD 11
Pub Crawl and Cicchetti with Alessandro Schezzini in Venice
80texag 5
Rothenburg stay - RS right on the money
aadewitt 1
Gluten Free Europe
abschell 11
Exploring Thai cuisine on trip. Suggestions?
adrian43 6
How to bring home French wine?
advocatecare 18
Scotland Inverness food recommendation
AlanBush 0
Calvados Experience in Normandy
alexhatch93 2
Vegan during the Venice, Florence, Rome tour.
Amy 3
Food on Plane - What Would You Take?
Andrea 34
Restaurant Culture Europe vs. United States
Anna 36
What foods do you miss?
Anna 39
GROM Gelato in Florence, Venice and Rome
Anthony Don 19
Beware of Picnicking in Venice and Florence
Anthony Don 13
Lactose Intolerance in Italy
April 3
Vegan Cafe in York, UK (in addition to Rick's reco)
arao 0
Free taste/try and samples: do you get suspicious?
avirosemail 7
Best of the wurst?
avirosemail 9
European dining habits surveyed by Nielsen
avirosemail 8
culture reflected in butchery, baking, dining, etc.
avirosemail 14
What have you been drinking?
avirosemail 33
First it was warm beer, now it's un-refrigerated eggs. What next?
avirosemail 58
Easter pastries - how many can we list?
avirosemail 7
Have you tried the royal wedding beer?
avirosemail 16
Dining like / with 'the locals'?
avirosemail 25
Share your quirky holiday season food traditions
avirosemail 19
When an aroma brings a travel memory to mind ...
avirosemail 14
Meat and dairy products are seasonal, too. Not just veggies!
avirosemail 12
Indoor Drinking Fountains -- rarer in Europe than the USA?
avirosemail 20
Your fave drink discoveries of '19? (Esp. aperitifs, wine, liqueurs, but brews welcome,...
avirosemail 20
What are the European equivalents of Denny's and TGIFridays ?
avirosemail 55
Has anyone had a real mauresque recently?
avirosemail 4
When is a duck not a duck? In Lyon
avirosemail 10
Home kitchen versions of great restaurant dishes -- Toledo style
avirosemail 3
more on sausages, for Memorial Day
avirosemail 33
Your most memorable fondue? Why?
avirosemail 30
Where to get breakfast at O'Hare (ORD), and are they operational?
avirosemail 8
Cheese before the mains, or after? How about both?
avirosemail 31
Buying picnic supplies - quantity terminology?
avirosemail 7
Classy dining; second-guessing your choices
avirosemail 40
What dish says "I'm on vacation!" for you?
avirosemail 53
apéro dînatoire is French for early bird special
avirosemail 7
Cheese headache?
avirosemail 8
Italy Dilemma: Gelato!
Barb 4
What is the dry substitute for G2?
bauerg001 5
Hema Tip, Amsterdam
bclemes 7
Tapas Tip, Barcelona
bclemes 2
Wheelchair friendly eatery in Florence
beaton88 1
Wine Cellar in Barcelona
beatriuord 0
Cost of Food in Eastern Europe
bguay 3