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Largest Gingerbread House in Europe

Since 1991 the art museum in Bergen, Norway has been hosting a gingerbread village for the holidays where families and school kids contribute their own themed gingerbread houses -- it's become the largest of its kind in Europe:

The story says there's over 600 kg of gingerbread involved,
and I can't help but say that I'm sure it is a warm occasion and pleasurable visit,
but here in San Francisco the Fairmont Hotel erects a 22 foot tall gingerbread house as part of their holiday decorations,
and the amount of material must compete with that 600 kg figure:

Cooking can be art, in more ways than one. :-)

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Holy smokes that Fairmount house is something else. Seems a bit absurd but the dining experience in there might be a fun thing to do if you're itching to burn $1500 or more.