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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Forints, Euros, ATMs, oh my
dpalmier53 9
Found laundromat nearby thanks to Rick Steves guidebook!
barryboa 4
free cash for senior citizens?
Robert 4
Free GPS
Stephen 7
Free Lodging Anywhere in the World
Gobbledygook 4
"Free" walking tours
staynsavor 13
From Texas to Europe cheap alternative
webm99 12
FYI: some airlines no longer participating in popular online ticket websites
SuzieeQQ 4
Germany hotel pass deals
Philip 2
Getting a part time job just for travelling?
rob in cal 11
Gift Cash Card usage
zcorsair 7
Global Entry for 1/2 price
Carol now... 8
Global greeter network
horsewoofie 16
Great ATM Card for International Travel (and more)
etbranch 2
Great Britain and Money
mcgregds 17 anyone?
bsibiski 4
Has anyone had a “good” experience with EA+ Program from AAA or American Airlines??
allenwrotedog 0
Has anyone used Groupon for a vacation to Europe?
jeffe26 9
Has anyone used for left luggage?
Julie 4
Have the bank fees using ATM fees in Europe gone up?
travelfan 28
Have You Used TransferWise To Send Money
Maryam 14
Health care in Europe
rgriffin7 37
Heathrow to London for about £5.7/person
Kent 1
Help! US debit card in UK problems
dremr58 20
Hi I m gonna travel in Europe.
dr.manasigite 11
Hotel and flight bundles
nleshelman 10
Hotel Freebies
Robert 4
Hotel plus flight on Expedia -- any tips?
Jackie 18
Hotel quoted in $, will that change with drop in €?
Christine 6
Hotel Reservations
Charlie 7
How are YOU saving for a trip?
Chriss 45
How do I get a good exchange rate for euros before I leave for my trip?
Linda 10
How Do You Economize While Traveling?
jen 59
How do you use Your US Credit Union for money transactions when visiting the EU?
sue p. 13
How long can I stay in Eastern Europe on a Budget of $10,000?
russmack 6
How to change currencies when visiting multiple countries on a Baltic Cruise?
trochte 7
How to get best hotel prices
Roger 6
How to Handle Currency on Danube Cruise?
pfred2080 10
How to keep tourists from snacking (and peeing) in the wrong spots, and avoid fines,...
avirosemail 12
How to send Swiss Franks to Switzerland from the United States
windstaracres 9
How we save money while enjoying Traveling
Daniel 9
HSBC banking offer & avoiding fees and rates ...
avirosemail 8
Hungary, Euros or Forint?
dpalmier53 5
I can't open a Schwab account because I live in Canada!
Judy 16
Inexpensive shipping back from Europe?
ahroeser 8
I noticed that I find myself overly rationalizing travel costs
James E. 15
Insurance through airline
cprice 8
Int'l Student ID Card (ISIC) or Int'l Teacher ID Card (ITIC) Help
ndgillam30 1
Is anyone familiar with Train Split?
Simone 4
Is 'Chip & Pin' Debit Card Necessary in Europe?
JuanM 9