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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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ATM only card in Europe
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Budget for a Month in Europe
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Critique My Budget/Itinerary!
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Best travel credit card (or credit card in general)?
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US credit bureau account freezing made easier?
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Best Travel Insurance??
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Mag Stripe only ATM Card
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Amsterdam to Paris to Gimelwald to Rome
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Travel to Dublin, Belfast, and Scotland
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Evacuation Insurance Quotes
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Citi/Costco Credit Card
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Alaska Airlines VISA Credit Card - No More Foreign Transaction Fees
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Check Your Credit Card Benefits - Trip Interruption/Cancellation
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Prepaid European VISA cards
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Are some airports cheaper than others?
brucedimon 7 anyone?
bsibiski 4
EurAide just saved me a bundle on rail fares!
bs.porter 8
Package Deals vs purchasing airfare and hotel separately
Canashaw 6
ATM Madrid Barajas (Updated)
Car Education 11
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Cash vs. Credit in Europe
Carol C. 20
Okay, so I'm going to St. Petersburg. How do i save money.
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Economical way to spend July 2022 hiking in Europe
carole.schlappi 2
TravelToe worked well for me.
Caroline S 1
Airport ATMs- be careful which ones you use
Carol now... 23
Trip Report: How my cards worked in Europe
Carol now... 18
Global Entry for 1/2 price
Carol now... 8
The value of a polite request…
Carol now... 28
Dynamic Currency Conversion Example
Carol now... 6
Venice Public Transport Prices increasing on Sept 1st
Carol now... 4
SIM card - to buy or not to buy?
carolr 6
WW 2 tours in Normandy
carolyn.troy 4
Foreign Conversion Rates
cathyvonderhaar 20
Debit Visa card question
cathyvonderhaar 12
Urgent: how many cards to take?
cathyvonderhaar 22
ATM's at FCO
cbburgmd 11
ATMs at Marco Polo airport
cbrochu30 4
Senior discounts
cbrochu30 43
Will I get %10 back payment from UK hotels?
cezza1907 7
Credit card PIN
cgdisney 4
Keeping money safe during stay in Spain
Chago 6
Bank accounts for non resident aliens in Spain
Chago 3
No Fee Debit Cards
Charles 11
Beware Bank of America "no fees"
Charles 9
Hotel Reservations
Charlie 7
ATMs in Greece, should I get Euros before our trip or at the airport etc.
cheri 16
Muti-currency Debit Cards in US?
chipfrazier 11
5 Techniques to Kill Travel Expenses in Italy
Chris 13
Contactless Card Payment Limits
Chris F 7
How are YOU saving for a trip?
Chriss 45