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I read in a blog that Groupon has an Italian version. boasts lots of deals if you can read Italian or get google to translate it. This women said she got a two night stay with dinner at a castle for €200 for two ppl. Wondering if anyone has heard about or tried this?

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I used a Groupon for a restaurant in Florence last December. Just like for any Groupon deal, you need to carefully read the fine print, abide by the conditions, and check the reviews for the establishment. Advance bookings are the norm. We had a great meal and discovered a restaurant that I'm willing to reccommend: i'Secco, on Via Ghibellina.

We have also been using Groupons for France for the last two trips there.

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Interesting option, but of course only works when you're ready to commit and pre-pay for a service (nonrefundable). Also confirm the location with Google maps or such, as part of your planning.

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I only heard about it so happy to get feed back. Hmmm wonder what the charge is??? I will look into it. Hard because it is in Italian. My sister speaks Italian and I would be with her my reason to be able to use the service. Wonder why there is a fee in the US there isn't a fee for Goupon right? Anyway thank you for the insite!!

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In the past several people posted about good results with groupon in France. Thanks for reminding me because now I'll log on and keep an eye open for our upcoming trip.