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US credit bureau account freezing made easier?

The topic of credit bureau account “freezing” comes up occasionally on this Forum, e.g. when a person is thinking about getting a new, better credit card, but needs to "unfreeze" their account first. A quick search indicates that Lola was the last person to post on this exact topic on 6/15/18. As is often pointed out by responding posters, many States have allowed the credit bureau companies (e.g Equifax, TransUnion, etc) to charge for this service which may discourage some people from using a freeze. Apparently this situation has changed recently. See I've had my credit bureau accounts frozen (at no charge) for years due to a leak of my ID info by an employer, but I'd be interested to know if this new law has actually made freezes free for all, so that I can pass the facts on to family members. Has anyone tried?

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That's great - or should we say - it's ABOUT TIME! From the article, it sounds like the new law takes effect by the end of September. I just put another 90 day "fraud alert" on my credit report (that's always been free), so that will take me most of the way til it's free to freeze completely