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Found laundromat nearby thanks to Rick Steves guidebook!

We packed light for our 16 day trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland. So by day eight, we found ourselves in a London hotel near Victoria station needing to do laundry. Hotel staff was not much help, but Rick's guide book saved us! He mentioned a small laundrymat and it turned out to be only a five block walk from our hotel. Laundry done in less than two hours and back on the road to finish our last eight days. Sometimes you wonder how accurate or up to date his book is on these small details, but these small things really help.

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We joke that the laundromat listings are the best thing about Rick's guides. Have used then numerous times.

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We used the tourist info to find laundromats in Glasgow and Edinburgh for us. Worked fine though it didn't look like they were used to that kind of questions - lol

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I agree that Rick's laundromat listings are extremely useful. I'm not a fan of sink washing for larger items, or in damp places like the UK where stuff is still damp even three days later. So, if I'm going to pack light, sooner or later I need to do laundry.

I'm surprised that your hotel couldn't direct you to one, though. They've usually been helpful for me (although there were one or two times that they didn't know, and Rick saved me).

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I look forward to finding a laundromat, especially if it is near a pub.