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Package Deals vs purchasing airfare and hotel separately

Hello- I am flying into either London or Paris in late June/early July from the NYC, USA area. Airfare is not yet booked because we are waiting on decisions from my husband's work as to when he needs to be in Europe. I hope to have that information in the next two weeks, but in the meantime rates are going up. I was wondering if there is any benefit to going with a travel package (airfare and hotel) deal for my arrival city, especially since we will cutting it kind of close on the booking window? Thanks for any advice.

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Sometimes you can save a few bucks. But it is simple to find out. Price the hotel and flight separately. Add it up and compare to the package. Simple math. Use a booking site like for better hotel prices. There are others. Watch Travel Zoo.

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It could be cheaper but you'd have to be happy with the inventory of hotels that are available in the package. I tend to do them separately because I like to pick smaller hotels that are not likely to have such agreements with airlines or other parties that form the whole package. I set a budget for both airfare and hotel and I almost always meet it (but I have to be very flexible with dates to do so).

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Travel arrangements become more complicated with a third party involved. If you make reservations directly with the airline and directly with the hotel, you are in a better position should any unforeseen issues come up or any changes need to be made. Spending just a few moments on Trip Advisor Budget Travel Forum will show you case after case of people who did not book directly and lived to regret it.

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I would bet that the accommodations that I book on my own are orders of magnitude less expensive than the accommodations available on the package "deals".

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If your husband is going there on business, won't his employer be picking up the hotel bill? When II was in the corporate world, we had an in house travel agent that'd get rooms for us in major cities--and make all flight arrangements.

I'd suggest just booking the room separate.

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Thanks for the input! Still on hold for dates, but I think I will take the advice and book separately. Husband's travel impacts our plans, but we are flying into different cities so that my son and I can tour while he works. Poor guy..