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Mobal GSM World Phone yes or no General Europe Becky 7
Amsterdam Hostel To the West Allison 2
Proposed itinerary Italy shari 2
cigarette smoking Transportation Connie 5
Travel from Paris to Italy Transportation shari 8
Rhine cruise from Koln for the day Transportation Lewis 1
Room in Budapest and Vienna General Europe Ann 5
Messina, Sicily to Puglia by Italy Rose Marie 1
Where to Stay with a Kid in Stratford-upon-Avon To the North Holly 1
Night Trains: Combining Selectpass and Eastern Europe Pass Transportation Scott 0
Credit Card safety General Europe Liz 25
Best train route from Zurich to Varenna, Italy Transportation Linda 1
Houseboat in Venice - has anyone here done it? Italy Marie 0
Milan Malpensa to train station; train to Genova Italy Michael 4
We have 3 days open between Rom and Venice - What to see? Italy Marie 3
Cream in my coffee To the West Tim 5
How is luggage stored on Swiss trains? To the West Reiko 3
How do I know which train station to go into? Transportation Susan 9
trenitalia reservations Italy John 6
Woman traveling alone Rome/Pompeii Italy Pam 4
Beaches in the Pisa area Italy Shirlee 0
How to get from Croatia to Greece? Transportation Toni 1
Kids in London Pubs To the North Ron 2
Germany, Austria, Poland help!! :-) To the East Daniel 3
ljubljana budget accomodations To the East Michele 2
Renting a Car in Italy Transportation Victoria 3
extended stay General Europe Pam 7
Kenmore, West Perthshire Transportation To the North Laura 1
Tuscany to Naples flights/boats? Italy Louise 2
Venice to Cinque Terre: Where to Split the Long Train Ride? Italy Louise 3
Passport Panic Transportation Suzanne 3
Dress code for musical performance Abbazia di San Galgano Italy Ruth 2
Lisbon to Venice or Rome? To the West Erik 0
Heathrow Express To the North Liz 9
Mount View B&B in Cobh To the North Mary 1
Passau, Germany To the West MARY JOE 0
Napoli (Naples) Artecard trains Italy Michael 2
Moleskin City Guides General Europe Dan 2
Lagos & Lisbon low budget hotel/hostal recommendations? To the West Anna 2
train tickets? no reservations available but you can still buy one? Transportation michelle 0
Please help with hotel selection for Italy trip Italy TRACI 7
Cities to fly into? General Europe Jarrod 4
Currency Exchange General Europe Justin 4
Cellphone Advice Italy Ann 6
Lisbon: hotel, restaruant & sights recommendations? To the West Jeff 0
Times and confusion Transportation Gail 3
Day Trips from Paris To the West Lu Ann 4
What hotel offers good value and accomadations on santorini island To the East gisella 0
Palaces Berlin, Potsdam, Munich To the West Mary 1