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Title Forum Author Replies Last Update
London to Amsterdam Transportation Mickie 3
Venice to Rome train question Italy patrick 3
Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo --Venice Italy patrick 0
self catering in Edinburgh To the North Betsey 0
Chocolate Tours in Brussels To the West Kelly 4
Eurostar and Eurail Transportation Jim 1
Price of dining in France To the West Debra 16
Trains from Prague to Slovenia, to Split To the East Debbie 0
grand places to stay outside of London To the North Rosemary 9
Money Belts Transportation Donna 7
Combo or padlock for the hostel lockers? General Europe Jeffrey 2
hitchhiking? italy Italy jim 0
Hotel in Zurich To the West Judy 4
Italy in the fall Italy Boni 5
Trip To Vienna To the West Robert 3
Sound of Music Tour To the West Lindsay 14
Help! Neuschwanstein and the Luge To the West Lindsay 3
Dingle B&B Dilemma To the North Donna 2
Naples Airport Advice Italy Kristine 0
Advance tickets to museums Italy Maralee 6
Carry-on Luggage on Alitalita -- can it be done?! General Europe Samantha 9
Great places to hike-self guided- in Switzerland To the West Ellen 4
Whoops, forgot to add on To the West leslee 1
the minimum to pack for a 11 day tour of Spain To the West leslee 3
Carry-on Luggage on Alitalita -- can it be done?! Italy Samantha 2
Chianti Wine Festival Italy Mary Ann 0
Last Minute Belfast Accommodations To the North Cheri 2
New York to Italy --good airlines ? Italy patrick 3
Best way to go from London to Liverpool? Transportation Pam 2
gasoline prices To the North Suzanna 2
accomodations in york To the North sue 3
Accommodation in Bern and Basel To the West Debbie 1
Italy to Split, Croatia To the East cyndy 2
Anyone recommend Montserrat Spain?? To the West Kim 2
size of luggage Italy Marie 2
Trains, trains, and more trains Italy Lea 3
From Florence to Pisa Italy Luanne 3
B & B's in Vincenza, Italy Italy Phyllis 1
Ferry from Paros to Samos? To the East Nicole 1
Manarola and Vernazza Italy Miriam 3
Budget hostel picks for Venice? Italy Jeffrey 2
Versatile & Tough WOMEN Walking Shoes NEEDED General Europe Jennifer 8
Eurail Pass and Reservations Transportation Jeanne 2
Pompeii Guide--On the Spot Italy Jeff 2
Heathrow - Gatwick Transfer Transportation Amy 8
Transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick To the North Amy 7
Dressing for Dinner General Europe Miranda 7
Aosta to Lake Como Italy Toni 1
Chamonix to Aosta via Gondola Italy Toni 5
Paris to Chamonix Italy Toni 3