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Dear Rick, hope you are open minded like the rest of us...
We have to say you are, out of focus (or may be let the social media decide) but very disturbed by my findings.. you have choose or ignore sites in your travel forum, one of the hot spots in Europe.
I have been the contributor for KCET. for decades, and I have watch hundreds of hours of your
programs (from 56 Hrs.of episode) for years. How can you leave out one of the greatest Empire of Europe, from your Travel forum...Not even listing i'ts name?? Beside of your episode 311 I'm pretty sure you have heard an ear full...Where are you getting your info?? If you need some help we could donate to your founds. and get things straight, we won't allowed any discrimination or false statement!!
Repeating the same old episode of the the 5 most common visited sites in Europe is not the Representative or the experiences or a well traveled person.
Also, one of your most visited site in Europe is Turkey ??
Please represent us with respect and dignity!!

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You really ought to be sure of your facts before popping off at Rick Steves on his own site about what he has on his forums and his shows.

First of all, Hungary is listed by name on both the Q & A and the Food and Hotel Reviews. All you have to do is while on the Travel Forum, click on "Countries" in both of those sections and choose Hungary. Here is where you'll find them:

And to see videos Rick has posted including Hungary, visit

Keep in mind that it is up to Rick and only Rick to decide what cities and countries he chooses to write about, film, or discuss. He gets his info from spending many months each year traveling through out Europe first hand. As for Turkey being one of the most visited countries in Europe, it is true. Turkey has been hot on travelers' lists for some time now and this is well known. I am sure you are proud of your country. We have traveled there but in all honesty, it is no European hot spot and relatively few travelers are interested in going there. Rick does not have to promote nor cover your country at all. He has been gracious to do videos on it and to have the country listed in the forums. It would be nice if you would be equally gracious to him for doing so rather than rudely threaten him about discrimination and false information.

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Though i should not hav come in here to raise the heat, but still there are a few points i would like to mention,, last yr i had applied for a schengen visa through hungarian embassy in delhi, when we deposited our application at vfs we were told that only those applications r accepted which r complete in every form n we should stay assured of our visa within 8 days or so. We had confirmed fully paid flights n stays in hungary and swiss for one week each. I m a pvt practising orthopedic surgeon so there was neither any issue of arranging the funds. After a long tiring wait for 15 days we were denied a visa stating (justification for the purpose and duration of stay is not reliable and proper travel insurance not attached with the application). Well what information is reliable except for confirmed flights and hotel stay and vfs does not accept any application if travel insurance or any other document is not attached for that matter. Moreover i had attached travel insurance from apollo munich which their website lists on number one. Even so the visa counsellor did not even feel the need to call us for an interview if he had any doubts to clear. Now comes the question turkey , well they provide visa within 5 days n that too an e visa n if u hav got a valid us visa then one can get a visa on arrival over there. So now can see for urself who is more tourist friendly. Regarding rick , he is a benign european fan and he wont feel bad for sentiments of someone like u .
P. S. The french embassy gave me visa within one and a half month of previous rejection, if there Had been anything wrong with me then no one would hav given me a visa so soon.

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Hey, Rick left out Deutschland and Österreich, too.