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Rick Steves Tours

A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members.

Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. It's also a place for first-time and future tour members to ask questions and get the inside scoop from our tour pros about what it's like to travel with Rick Steves' Europe.

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Who's coming in early for Best of Paris starting Sunday Sept 25?
Cal 0
Who's going? My Way: Europe in 14 Days 9/18/17-10/01/17
rankster 2
Who's going on BOE 14 day starting June 29?
WhatsChrisDoing 3
Who's going on the Athens and the Heart of Greece tour scheduled for June 22nd?
JS 1
Who's Going on the Best of Europe Tour May 24 – June 13?
hockmasm 5
Who's going to Tallin/helsinki/St. Petersburg? Where are my peeps?
susanh63 5
Who's joining me in Eastern Europe in 2021?
Michelle 26
Who's joining us on the RS Best of London tour Oct 15-21?
kathy 3
Who's on Best of London May 20th????
bilezmom 2
Who’s watching RS test drive a tour guide now
kim 29
Why are 14 day family tours 200 $ more them same 14 day regular tours?
pat 1
Why doesn’t RSteves let you use gift cards towards tours?
Luv2Travel 5
Why is Rick Steves still taking tours in Hallstatt?
Barbara 44
Why is RS Spain more costly then RS Italy?
ciniebarry 5
Why only a partial refund if RST canceled?
liz 21
Why So Many Open Spots on BOE 21 Day Tours?
baseballmom94 21
Wiener-Wiesn Festival in Vienna
Ron OC 1
John 2
WiFi on bus?
Carolyn 16
WiFi on My Way Alpine tour
cynthia 5
WiFi on RS tour buses- BOE 14 days
amber.spiers 7
Wi-Fi on Tour Bus
Larry B 18
Will heat waves change your travel plans?
susie 19
Will Oktoberfest 2018 affect our My Way Alpine Tour?
ChinaLake67 12
Will ‘Test Drive a Tour Guide’ resume in 2023?
redwoofer 7
Wine on the Tuscany tour
Ruth 6
Wired earphones?
jzellers115 11
Wish Rick had an opposite “My Way” tour
Kelly’d... 21
Women - favorite tote bag?
Linda 26
Womens' Shoes for Greece Tour
Ricka 13
Wonderful New Scotland Tour in 2021
Garrison 19
Wondering about extending time at end of tour
ncangelose 58
Wondering if the Alpine Europe My Way is a good fit for us?
Judy & Bob 15
Woot Woot Got RS tour Barcelona & Madrid booked & airlines
kim 7
woot woot..... leaving in the morning for RS alumni reunion this weeked
kim 16
Worth reserving sights/restaurants for free time in Scotland?
zjarrell87 3
Would 4 RS tours in a row, with 5-8 days off between tours, be too many to appreciate?
Cathy and Jim G 54
Would you like an "adventurous" tour option?
Carol now... 3
Wow, new Germany tour?
kathy 22
Yay- my next tour is now listed for 2019
kim 15
Yea! No negative test to get into USA.
rlm97405 18
Yesterday, I received an URGENT message from Rick’s office re: Heart of Belgium & Holland
Janet 27
Your experience with the RS Bulgaria tour (or, perhaps, traveling to Bulgaria in general)
Craig 9
Your favorite part about leaving the US for a 2 or 3 week tour?
Jill M. 49
Your favorite RS Tour - and why?
Garrison 30
Your favorite tip for newbies!
jcmcmckc 34
Your First RS Tour? Some Suggestions To Keep You From Being Surprised
Sam321 116
Your RS Tour experiences in Spain?
mmaryallen 2
Your thoughts on the Portugal Tour?
Barnstormer 4
b-henning 2